Lifespan development.

Topics: Gene, Biology, Genetics Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: October 16, 2014
If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be? Mine would be genetics. Genetics define more of ourselves then we ever realize. They define the way we talk, walk, act, think, and a lot of our actions. One thing we fail to realize about genetics is that they contribute to which environment we pick, and the type of environment that we surround ourselves with. We often think that environment is something that is thrust upon us, but they are a couple factors because our genetics that determine the types of environment that we have. Sandra Scarr defines them as Passive, Evocative, and Active Genotype Environment Correlation and each individual one has a different explanation of why genetics play a big role in environment.

Passive Heredity Environment Correlation occurs because the biological parents of a child provide a rearing environment for them. An example I could think of in my life would be my father was one of the hardest working, most talented players on the football field. He unfortunately never had any sons, so because of being a tomboy I had that connection with him. I joined a football league when I turned 9 years old, and he pushed and pushed me to excellence on the field. When I hit high school and could no longer continue in football pads, he had to settle for me cheering on the sidelines. But every night he would work with me and drill me until I could complete something to the upmost perfection. Because of the way he trained me, and I became an incredible athlete. My father never realized that he was trying to influence me in anyway, but he was just doing what he knew best, which was sports.

Evocative Genotype Environment Correlation can best be described as children’s traits can elicit a certain type of environment. I think that this is most common one that I have seen throughout my life. My sister is the type of person that acts out because she knows that she it will encourage my dad to focus all his energy on her. We often...
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