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“A Study of Human Resource Systems

At The Grand Bhagwati”

A project report submitted for the

Partial fulfillment of the

Masters of Human Resource Development

[M.H.R.D. - Regular] – Sem – IV

Submitted to:

Department of Human Resource Development

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University

Surat – 395007

Feb - 2012

Submitted by: Supervising Teacher:

Priyanka J. Barot Dr. Kiran Pandya

Roll no: 07 HOD of DHRD


I would like to thank Hotel The Grand Bhagwati, Exhilarating Hospitality, Dumas Road, Surat for giving me opportunity to do this project.

I would like to thank Dr. Kiran Pandya (HOD of DRMISSS) for giving full support to make this project successful. I am also very much grateful to Dr. Mehernosh Zaveri for constantly inspiring me and making me full of enthusiasm throughout the project.

I sincerely thank Mr. Rohit Khanna (Dy. HR Manager of The Grand Bhagwati) for his constant co-operation, guidance and mentoring in small – small issues and in major issues as well. He has been the sculptor of the entire effigy of this project so far.

I also wish to thank all HR Executives at TGB for their kind support and co-operation, without them; it would not possible to complete this project.

I also thank my parents, my family, my friends and last but not the least the almighty God without whom blessing I would not have been able to proceed.

Heartily obliged to all……..

Date: Name: Priyanka J. Barot

MHRD Semester - IV


I, Priyanka J. Barot, , Roll no.-07 declare that the project entitled “A Study of Human Resource System at The Grand Bhagwati” is submitted for the partial fulfillment of the semester – IV in Masters of Human Resource Development [M.H.R.D. - Regular] is my original work and carried it out at Department of Human Resource Development, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University – Surat.

The project or any part of it has been not been previously submitted for any degree.

Place: Surat


The aim of the project was to observe and analyze the HR Systems to enhance business efficiency. Main objective behind this project is to learn and experience HR systems in reality are implemented or not. To deal with the topic I did a detail study of various Activities of a Hotel such as Documentation of hotel, Legal aspects according to Labour Laws, Payroll System, etc. In my internship period I have done many activities such documentation, joining formalities, Recruitment. The main objective behind all these was to have personal practical knowledge as Human Resource Person and to have proper understanding of activities done in Human Resource Department which help me out to deal with any company for the same.

The present study has been undertaken with the objective of Study of Hr system at The Grand Bhagwati. After carefully study about the policy and procedure adopted to improve organization strategies and observing the HRD activities conducted atTGB, it can be said that the policy is of very limited applicability. These policies need improvement, revision and extension to all employees of the company at each level. From the whole project we have seen that in hotel industry the policies and functioning of each hotel is little bit similar to other hotels. Good HR policy would be the policy, which not only considers all HR functions with proper care, but also considers all the other factors like culture of the hotel, types of customers it receives, the nature of the business and also the place from where it...
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