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Why Chicago Public Schools need more
Protective Measures Against School Violence
Paul Cotton
Baker College Online

Why Chicago Schools need more Protective Measures Against School Violence Gun violence and the right to carry weapons have been two topics of heated debate over the last decade. From the violent burglaries to school shootings, the need for protection increases. The solution to end or reduce violence is not an easy task. Should society employ the right to carry law more universally or should more subtle measures be employed to combat violence? Even the president of the United States, Barack Obama, proposed the question, are we are we really doing enough to keep children safe from harm. There are myriad cases showing the need for more security in schools. Simply discussing violence is not enough. Children should feel protected, and parents need to have some assurance when their most precious commodity is being released into the public for educational purposes. Both critics and proponents of guns believe that people should be protected from violence; however, disagreement arises from who should carry weapons and where these weapons should be carried. More specifically, some teachers believe they should be allowed to carry guns to schools to be prepared for the threat of danger. Opponents believe that allowing more weapons in school will only enhance the danger already heightened. For instance, a student at Virginia Tech killed 32 students and injured 15 others in 2007 (Glazer, 2010). Before this incident, there was the famous Columbine High School Massacre, which occurred in 1999 (Rich, 2012). Then, there was the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut (Rich, 2012). There are many more that could be elaborated on, and the atrocities associated with each case is horrifying. Therefore, more definitive measures are necessitated to deal with the problems associated with school violence. In areas like Chicago Public Schools, placing more police officers in the schools would be a great solution and could be duplicated all across the United States since this problem is more widespread than just Chicago alone. Nirvi Shah (2013) discusses a pending proposal that will include educators and professors “resurrecting an expired federal ban on assault weapons” (p. 1). In addition, some state lawmakers have already agreed to introduce legislation to allow school employees to carry weapons or to ease rules against concealed weapons for people with permits. This legislation is being discussed because of the violence that continues to plague United States’ schools. Currently, only thirty-five percent of elementary, middle, and high schools have police officers (Kaba & Edwards, 2012). If school officials are allowed to carry concealed weapons, this will aid in decreasing school violence. So, not only will Chicago Public Schools become safer as a result of teachers being allowed to carry concealed weapons if legislation is approved statewide, but all schools will be safer or at least protected to a higher degree. Another solution to school violence would be to place more security officers in schools. Chicago Public Schools spent seven millions dollars on surveillance cameras for fourteen highs schools in an effort to protect students from school violence (Kaba & Edwards, 2012). The benefits of saving just one child outweigh the enormous costs associated with increased security measures, and statistics concerning the violence in Chicago public schools and others are astonishing. According to the Center for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) (2014), “between 14 and 34 school-aged children are victims of homicide on school grounds on their way to and from school each and every year,” (p. 1). Schools should be a place, where educational instruction is taking place in a safe and orderly manner; the threat of danger should not be a variable. Innocent...
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