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Project 1: Department of Justice (Canada)

Question 1
What is the role of the Department of Justice in the Canadian legal system? The role in the Department of Justice in the Canadian legal system is: •To ensure that Canada’s justice systems fair.
To draft and reform laws as needed.
Acts as a government’s legal advice, by providing legal counsel and support. •Prosecutes cases under federal law.
Represent the government of Canada in the court (Crown).

Question 2
What is the name of Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General? What is the education background of this individual? Peter Mackay is Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General. Education background:

Graduated from Acadia University.
Studied Law at the Dalhousie University.
Was called to the Nova Scotia Bar in June 1991.
Practiced Private law, specializing in Criminal and Family Law. Question 3
What are the six portfolios under which the Department of Justice serves the federal government? Six portfolios under which the Department of Justice serves the federal government are: •Criminal Justice

Family Justice
Access to Justice
Aboriginal Justice
Tax Law
Business and Regulatory Law

Question 4
Describe the Aboriginal Justice Strategy.
Aboriginal Justice Strategy helps Aboriginals by:
Teaching them to assume a greater responsibility in administrating their communities. •Helps decrease the rate of victimization, crime and incarceration among Aboriginal people. •Reflects and include Aboriginal values with in the justice system.

Question 5
What paralegal positions are offered by the Department of justice? Paralegals working for the Department of Justice play a huge role in the Department. Paralegals preform many tasks in different areas of the law, doing research, compiling documents, drafting various procedures creating court files, providing assistance for some trails, dealing with clients, and organizing information from clients and...
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