Labratory Techniques and Measurments

Topics: Density, Water, Volume Pages: 4 (1173 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Jessica Loper Date of Experiment: February 5, 2013

Report Submitted: February 11, 2013

Title: Laboratory Techniques and Measurements

Purpose: To gain knowledge about the International System of Units and use it to determine volume, mass, length, and temperature. To learn to use these forms of measurement to determine density and concentration, as well as learning basic lab equipment to create dilutions.

Part 1: After reading the various information given, I gathered different objects and measured them using both centimeters and millimeters then converted them to meters. Next, I recorded the temperature of hot tap water and boiling water as well as cold tap water and ice water in Celsius and converted them to Fahrenheit and Kelvin. I then gathered a few other objects and placed them on the scale measuring for mass in grams and converted them to kilograms. Part 2: I used a graduated cylinder on the tarred scale empty and then with both water and isopropyl alcohol to determine the mass of both and calculated their densities. Next, I measured the length, width, and height of a magnet to determine volume. I then used the water displacement method by filling a cylinder with water and then placing the magnet in and recording the difference in the water level to determine volume and density. Lastly, I used Archimedes’ method to by recording the mass of a metal bolt then placing it in water and observing the displacement. I then converted this to density of water and repeated with a magnet. Part 3: I used the scale to determine the molecular weight then calculated the volume of the sugar using the flask. With the information gathered I used this to calculate molarity. Next I dissolved the sugar in the water and took the mass and found density. I used this to calculate concentration of both solutions.

Data Tables:
Length Measurements|
Object| Length (cm)| Length...
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