Basic Lab Measurements

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Basic Lab Measurements
Basic Lab Measurements and Equipment

This lab experiment displays the accuracy of scientific measuring equipment. This experiment also helps to familiarize the students with these instruments.

Procedure: Measure Volumes and Masses
1. Obtain a 400mL beaker and record its mass in grams.
2. Add 40mL of water to the beaker and record the volume.
3. Records the beaker's mass now with the added water
4. Transfer the water from the beaker to a 50mL graduated cylinder and record the measurement.
5. Find a clean burette and fill 45mL worth up with water and record the volume.
6. Carefully transfer the water from the graduated cylinder to the burette and record the volume of the burette.
7. Repeat steps one through eight.

Procedure: Terrill Burner
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Set up a terrill burner.
2. Release just enough gas so the flame takes the shape of a small, blue cone.
3. Obtain a 1000mL beaker and fill it to the 500mL line.
4. Place the beaker over the burner with the help of a tripod and wire screen.
5. Once the water begins to boil, turn off the terrill burner.
6. Meanwhile, fill a 400mL beaker up with water to the 200mL mark.
7. Place a glass thermometer in the beaker and record the temperature. Place a digital thermometer in the beaker and record the temperature as well. Record the temperatures.
8. Repeat step number seven with the boiling beaker and record the temperatures.
9. Lastly, fill an additional 400mL beaker with ice. Slowly, add small amounts of water and agree on a temperature with each of the thermometers. Record the data.

Volume and Mass Data Trial One Trial Two
Mass of empty 400mL Beaker 161.773g 161.788g
Volume of 400mL beaker with water added 40mL 40mL
Mass of 400mL beaker and water together 200.734g 200.375g
Volume of water in 50mL graduated Cylinder 38.1mL

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