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Orders Of Magnitude

numbers in order of size. Start with the smallest number. 358 835 709 98 145 .......................................................................................................................... (1) (b) Write these numbers in order of size. Start with the smallest number. 4 –5 7 –1 –8 .......................................................................................................................... (1) (c) Write these numbers in order of size. ...

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Orders of Magnitude and Assistant Administrative Officer

hours' week is Rs. 200. Overtimes is paid at 25% above the basic rate. In a certain week, he worked overtime and his total was Rs. 300. He therefore, worked for a total of (in hours): (1) 52 (2) 56 (3) 58 (4) 62 10. On a Rs. 10, 000 payment order, a person has choice between 3 successive discounts of 10%, 10% and 30% and 3 successive discounts of 40%, 5% and 5%. By choosing the better one he can save (in Rupees): (1) 200 (2) 255 (3) 400 (4) 433 11. Rs. 600 are divided among A, B, C so...

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Orders of Magnitude and Bearing

Bearing is always calculated from the north in a clockwise direction. Bearing is always a three digit numbers. Draw the following bearing of a) 0600 from A to B c) 2400 from P to Q b) 1100 from P to Q d) 3000 from X to Y. Answer the following questions. 1. The bearing of B from A is 0650. Find the bearing of A from B. 2. The bearing of Y from X is 1350. Find the bearing of X from Y. 3. The bearing of P from Q is 2200. Find the bearing of Q from P. 4...

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Orders of Magnitude and Correct Answer

1.37305 m/s2 . Explanation: Given : θ = 13.5◦ . Consider the free body diagram for the block 046 10.0 points A sample of blood is placed in a centrifuge of radius 19.1 cm. The mass of a red blood cell is 3.1 × 10−16 kg, and the magnitude of the force acting on it as it settles out of the plasma is 6 × 10−11 N. At how many revolutions per second should the centrifuge be operated? Correct answer: 160.213 rev/s. Explanation: emmanuel (ae8272) – hw07-Waves and vibrations –...

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Orders of Magnitude and Answer

170 154 168 168 160 He calculated the mean hand span to be 20.9 cm and the range of the hand spans to be 11 cm. (a) Calculate (i) the mean height, For Examiner's Use Answer(a)(i) Mean = (ii) the range of the heights. Answer(a)(ii) Range = (b) In order to compare the two measures, he used a scatter diagram. The first three points are plotted on the grid. cm [2] cm [2] 180 178 176 174 172 170 168 Height 166 (cm) 164 162 160 158 156 154 152 150 14 16 18 20 22 Hand span (cm) 24 26 (i) Complete...

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Adelphia Fraud

serve preconceptions about the best course of action or a self-serving interest in a particular choice.” The men were not thinking rationally and were taking money for self-serving reasons. Balance sheets and accounting practices were manipulated in order to pay for their lavish lifestyles. At the time of the crimes jail time was most likely in the back of their minds. Repaying lost money to investors that was stolen was also not thought out. When managers make extremely bad decisions such as these...

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Effects of Swing Length, String Length, and Weight on a Pendulum Swing

released from rest until it returned to it's original position. This was repeated three times for each alteration of variables and averaged to determine the average period of a swing for that set of variables. The 1000 gram weight was used first in order to ensure that if the string would stretch, it would be done at the beginning of our experiment. The size of the swing was estimated with a meter stick after altering the length of the pendulum to keep it approximately the same. Through out analysis...

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Paper Cone Lab Report

time periods, because it merely depens on the reaction time of the person and as a consequence, the measurements can have different results. The distance from which the holder dropped the paper cones can be listed as an other drawback, because in order to calculate the time properly, we had to place the cones higher and the height can differ from each other. If I could repeat the experiment, I would use more professional equipments and I would be really accurate concerning datum. Having more measurements...

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Physioex 8.0 Exersise 2 Skeletal Muscle Pysiology

subsequent stimulus? It gets higher. Activity 5: Investigating Wave Summation 1. Is the peak force produced in the second contraction greater than that produced by the first stimulus? yes 2. Is the total force production even greater?yes. 3. In order to produce smooth, sustained muscle contraction at Active Force = 2 gms, do you think you will need to increase or decrease the voltage? State your hypothesis.decrease. 4. Test your hypothesis. At what voltage were you able to achieve Active Force...

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Physics Pendulum Problems

Pendulum Problems ACTIVITY 1: Copy and paste the example problem and the steps, so that the steps are in the correct order into a new Word document and upload it to Moodle. Example Problem 1: A hypnotist swings her watch from 20.0cm chain in front of a subject’s eyes. What is the period of the swing of the watch. Thus, we see that the pendulum used by the hypnotist has a period of 0.898s. | Before we can use this formula, however, we must ensure all our variables are in the correct units....

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