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1. Alice throws the ball to the +X direction with an initial velocity 10m/s. Time elapsed during the motion is 5s, calculate the height that object is thrown and Vy component of the velocity after it hits the ground. 2. John kicks the ball and ball does projectile motion with an angle of 53º to horizontal. Its initial velocity is 10 m/s, find the maximum height it can reach, horizontal displacement and total time required for this motion. (sin53º=0, 8 and cos53º=0, 6) 3. The boy drops...

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Velocity and Points

released until it strikes the ground. 4. The time it takes for the ball to hit the ground depends on v0 , g and h. 004 10.0 points The velocity of a projectile at launch has a horizontal component vh and a vertical component vv . When the projectile is at the highest point of its trajectory, identify the vertical and the horizontal components of its velocity and the vertical component of its acceleration. Consider air resistance to be negligible. 4. It cannot be determined. 002 10.0 points ...

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Kinematics: Velocity and Cart

how is time, t related to the inclination of the track? Explain why? Time and position of velocity are interrelated to each other and the height and gravitational pull affects the acceleration of a moving and a free falling object. 3. From the data obtained, how would you account the difference between the picket fence’s acceleration and the value of g? The value of the slope of a graph of average velocity versus time will be the acceleration due to gravity of the falling object. ...

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velocity and speed compare and contrast

Velocity The word, velocity, originates from the Latin word, vēlōcitās, meaning swiftness or speed. Velocity is one of the basic words used in mathematics and physics and forms the basis for the more important formulae used in high level study of these subjects. According to the dictionary, the definition of velocity is the rate of change of position of an object. In simple words, velocity means the distance travelled by an object over some time divided by the time taken by the object...

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Physics Velocity Notes

2: SPEED, VELOCITY AND ACCELERATION 2.1 Distance and Displacement • Distance is the total length covered by a moving object irrespective of the direction of motion, i.e. only the magnitude is of importance. • Displacement is the distance measured in straight line AND in a specific d__________________. Both magnitude and d_________________ are important. Example 1 A car travels 5 km due east and makes a U-turn back to travel a further distance of 3 km. Find (a) the distance covered, (b)...

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Kinematics: Classical Mechanics and Velocity Instantaneous Velocity

consideration of the forces that cause the motion. There are four activities done in this experiment. Graphical analysis of human motion, where displacement vs time and velocity vs. time were graphed. Graphical analysis of motion where in the 10th seconds the total displacement is 18.75m, average velocity is 1.88m/s and instantaneous velocity is 3.76m/s. Reaction time where one of the normal reaction time among the group is 0.16s and the reaction time while someone is distracting the member is 0.30s, and...

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Velocity and M/s

Exercises for Chapter 1 Kinematics 1. An impulsive retarding force of 3 seconds duration acts on a particle which is moving with a forward velocity of 60 m/s. The oscilloscope record of the deceleration is shown. Determine the approximate velocity of the particle at t = 9 s. [answer: -58 m/s] 2. A car can decelerate at 0.8 ‘g’ on a certain road. Find the total emergency stopping distance measured from the point where the driver first sights the danger for a speed of 100 km/hr. The time taken for...

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American Football and Initial Velocity

between the moment the car left the table and the moment it hit the floor? b. What was the horizontal velocity of the car when it hit the ground? 3. A hawk in level flight  above the ground drops the fish it caught. If the hawk’s horizontal speed is , how far ahead of the drop point will the fish land? 4. A pistol is fired horizontally toward a target  away, but at the same height. The bullet’s velocity is . How long does it take the bullet to get to the target? How far below the target does the bullet...

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Velocity and Momentum Conservation Equation

Impulsive Force Model Worksheet 2: Quantitative Conservation of Momentum Name: ______________________________________ 1. Kim holds a 2.0 kg air rifle loosely and fires a bullet of mass 1.0 g. The muzzle velocity of the bullet is 150 m/s. Find the recoil speed of the gun. Momentum conservation equation: Recoil speed =________________ 2. If the girl in the previous question holds the gun tightly against her body, the recoil speed is less. Calculate the new recoil speed for the 48 kg girl...

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Velocity and M/s

30’+60’ = 90’=5400s=1.5h 40km+40km=80km vavg= 80000m/5400s=13.168724279835390946502057613169 m/s = 48 km/h 2. The coordinate of an object is given as a function of time by x = 7t – 3t2, where x is in meters and t is in seconds. Its average velocity over the interval from t = 0 to t = 2 s is: A) 5 m/s B) –5 m/s C) 11 m/s D) –11 m/s E) –14.5 m/s vt= 7-6t = 7-12=-5 m/s 3. The coordinate of a particle in meters is given by x(t) = 16t – 3.0t3, where the time t is in seconds. The...

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