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Electrical Resistance

ENGR. JAY S. VILLAN, MEP-EE Introduction A multitester or multimeter is a device which can be used to gather data about electrical circuits. A basic multitester can measure resistance, voltage, and continuity; while more advanced versions may be able to provide additional data. This tool can be very useful to have around the house, and anyone who plans on doing electrical repairs should most definitely use a multitester for safety reasons. Multitesters can be used with the current off or on in...

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Electrical Engineering Lab Report

to the field of electrical engineering. The objectives of the lab were to determine the resistance of a resistor using various methods and to also verify Ohm’s Law. In the lab, the students were instructed to calculate the resistance by using color codes, measuring the resistance using a Digital Multi Meter, calculate the average resistance from 10 voltage and current measurements, and find the graphical resistance using a trend line. The results show that the average resistance calculated from...

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Electrical Circuits Portfolio

blue dots represent the flow of electrons. They are moving because they are experiencing an electric current force within the wire. Explain what a battery does in an electrical circuit? Refer to page 606 in your textbook. (3 points) A battery provides a source of electrical energy. A battery also converts chemical energy to electrical energy. Batteries have two voltage sources that have terminals that connect to wires in a circuit. One terminal is positive and another one is negative. Click in...

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Ohmmeter and Resistance

scale divisions which can be read to half a division. Determine resolution of meter in volt. [0.25 V] (c) A Wheatstone bridge is balanced with all the four resistances equal to 1kΩ each. The bridge supply voltage is 100V. Now one of the resistances is changed to 1010Ω. The output voltage is measured by a voltmeter of infinite resistance. Calculate the bridge sensitivity. [25V or 0.025 V/Ω] (d)Each of the following numbers has a uncertainty of one in the last figure. Determine the number of significant ...

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Measuring Resistance

Measuring Resistance Experiment Evaluation M U S (12037486) Table of Contents Title Page 1 Introduction 3 Research Questions 4 Questions 4 Answers 4 Experiment 6 Introduction This experiment is carried out to show how the Research Questions Questions 1) Provide the units used to measure the following quantities, electric current, inductance, frequency, power and energy (work). 2) What is the difference between AC and DC voltages? Give examples. 3)...

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Physics Gcse Coursework: Resistance of Wire

Physics GCSE coursework: Resistance of wire Aim: To investigate if the length of wire affects its resistance. Prediction (Hypothesis): I predict that the longer the wire the higher the resistance, and the shorter the wire the lower the resistance. Knowledge: Resistance is that property of electric components that turn electric energy into heat in opposing the passing of an electric current.It can be beneficial, as in electric heaters, or a pest, as in light bulbs, where the heat...

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An experiment to investigate the factors which affect the resistance in a wire.

An experiment to investigate the factors which affect Resistance in a wire What is resistance? A potential difference (V) applied across a wire of length (l), there is in the conductor, an electric field (E). In this electric field the free electrons are not however under continuous acceleration (Ee/m). This is because they repeatedly collide with the moderately massive vibrating atoms losing their kinetic energy. The vibrating atoms having gained this kinetic energy now vibrate more. The resulting...

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Experiment: Ohmic Resistance and Ohm’s Law

Experiment: Ohmic Resistance and Ohm’s Law Patrick Doan Mr Sadowsky 11 PHYS 71 12/9/08 Table of contents 1.0 Aim 1 2.0 Hypothesis 1 3.0 Materials 1 4.0 Method 2 5.0 Results 3 - 5.1 Qualitative Observations 3 - 5.2 Data 3-4 6.0 Discussion 5 7.0 Conclusion 6 8.0 Bibliography 7 9.0 Acknowledgements 7 1.0 Aim: To find out how current, voltage and resistance in a circuit are...

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Data Analysis of the Resistance of a Piece of Wire

Data Analysis The investigation I did was to find the resistance of a piece if wire. The piece of wire is my dependent variable throughout the investigation. I changed the length of the wire in order to measure the resistance of each length. Plan In this investigation, a simple circuit will be set up to read the voltage and current when the length of the wire changes. The length will range from 10cm-80cm with intervals of 10cm. The length of the wire will be changed by moving the crocodile clip...

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resistance color code lab report

Experiment number : 1! ! ! ! ! Title : Resistance Color Code ! ! ! Performed by : El Batina Bokhoum Engineering course : ENG-102 Partners : Betsy Batista Lab Day/Hour : Tuesday 6-8 pm! Jermaine Lockley ! Lab Instructor : Dr. Gontar ! Date Performed : 09/09/14! Date Due: 09/16/14! ! Purpose : The purpose of this lab is to be able to measure the resistance of color code ! .The experiment will help us to interpret and record the ohmic value of a resistor when given...

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