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INTRODUCTION Sound is a mechanical wave an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing and of a level sufficiently strong to be heard, or the sensation stimulated in organs of hearing by such vibrations. Sound is a sequence of waves of pressure which propagates through compressible media such as air or water. (Sound can propagate through solids as well, but there are additional modes of propagation). During their propagation...

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Sound Waves

topics about sound waves, what interests me and what I would like to learn about. November 4th: I started to research the basics and a sound wave and its properties. I also to notes on what a sound wave is and how frequency affects a sound wave. November 7th: Possible Topics What is a sound wave The Nature Of a Sound Wave Sound waves through different mediums Instrumental sound waves How microphones and headphones work How humans interpret sound (range of hearing) Convert Sound Waves Into...

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Wavelength and Sound

Experiment 7: Velocity of Sound Laboratory Report Hazel Guerrero, Kyle Iddoba, Matthew Jocson, Thea Lagman Department of Biological Sciences College of Science, University of Santo Tomas Espanya, Manila Philippines Abstract Verification of the relationship between frequency of sound and its wavelength and the determination of the velocity and the speed of sound in different mediums was the main focus of this experiment. The speed of sound and its velocity was determined using the resonance...

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The Sound of Silence

Expository Writing 1213 Conference draft Mauricio Cuevas Due Wednesday, September 05, 2012 The sound of silence “A horrid stillness first invades the ear, and in that silence we the tempest fear”(Dryden, 7). Silence inevitably starts with a sound, which either goes off very slowly, or ends in a Swift movement; and it ends the same way it started, with noise. Noise, sound, our perception of both has changed since they were recognized and “categorized” as such. People see this soundscape...

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Sound Acoustics

Indoor & Outdoor Acoustic Sounds Indoor Acoustics The Principles of Sound and Acoustics Sound is the apparent vibration of air resulting from the vibration of a sound source (e.g. guitar sound board, hair dryer, etc). We can describe such regular vibration in terms of the sum of simpler vibrations (harmonics). In other words any periodic oscillation and hence resulting waveform can be described in terms of the sum of its harmonics. Each harmonic being a simple sine wave (often called a...

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Speed of Sound

Phsyics 1 | Speed of Sound | Mastery Experiment | | Lindsay Pickelsimer | 12/3/2010 | | The speed of sound is a traveled distance through a certain amount of time that uses sound waves that spreads through and elastic medium. It usually depends on the temperature to which how fast it travels; speed of sound is increased when temperature increases. Frequency and wave length deals with determining the speed of sound. Speed of sound is inversely proportional to that...

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Sound and Acoustic

Sound and acoustics It is common to think that acoustics is the study of music. Although acoustics does comprise the study of musical instruments, it also includes an extensive range of topics, including: SONAR systems, noise control, ultrasounds for medical imaging and other processes, electroacoustic communication, seismology, etc. [1] In general, acoustics is the study of mechanical waves including sound, vibration, infrasound and ultrasound. When talking about the acoustics, it is essential...

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sound proofing

by making their residential structures reinforcements to absorb incoming sound waves. They do this to avoid certain risks concerning health. This was called “Soundproofing”. Soundproofing is the method of reducing sound pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor. It may be approached by sound blocking or sound absorption. Both have different purposes, either to reduce sound entering or reducing the sound bouncing inside a room. 1 2 B. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM ...

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Speed of Sound

Laboratory I 1. EXPERIMENT : Speed of sound 2. OBJECTIVE: : (1) To determine the wavelength of a sound in resonance air column. (2) To determine the speed of sound in air at room temperature. 3. APPARATUS : Resonance tube (air column) attached with water container and meter stick, thermometer, function generator, speaker. 4. THEORY: : Sound is a longitudinal wave in a medium. If...

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English Vowel Sounds

vowel is known as the long a sound and it has the same sound as the alphabet letter A. Try to practice simple words such as: late, eight, and hate. Remember that you have to open your mouth wide for this sound.The long a sound is written as eɪ in IPA. Therefore, you can think about pronouncing the long a sound as the short e sound plus the short i sound. Many non native English speakers pronounce the long a sound as the short e sound because they drop the short i sound. | | | | Major...

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Sound Waves and Their Uses

ripples, but the waves transfers energy from one point to another. there are two major classes of waves ; mechanical and electromagnetic waves . Mechanical waves are waves that require a material medium for their propagation, such as water waves and sound waves. Electromagnetic waves are waves that do not require a material medium for their propagation. Examples are light rays, radio waves, x-rays and gamma rays. wave motion The particle of the medium which transfer energy move to and fro, or vibrate...

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Waves, Sound and Light

we could ask from our daily life is that how come we can hear? What is it that we hear? Why do we hear it and deaf people don’t? How do we receive any sound? People use sound all the time. We rely on sounds to communicate. Unexpected noises may warn us of danger. The sounds we hear tell us a lot about our surroundings. Many animals also use sound. Even animals that live in water. Since only the very top of the ocean receives light from the sun, animals have difficulty using their eyes to find their...

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The Nature of a Sound Wave

Sound and music are parts of our everyday sensory experience. Just as humans have eyes for the detection of light and color, so we are equipped with ears for the detection of sound. We seldom take the time to ponder the characteristics and behaviors of sound and the mechanisms by which sounds are produced, propagated, and detected. The basis for an understanding of sound, music and hearing is the physics of waves. Sound is a wave which is created by vibrating objects and propagated through a medium...

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Sound Waves and Room Acoustics

Sound Waves and how it relates to Room Acoustics We generally think of the speakers in our stereo or home theater systems as the final link in the audio chain — and the one that makes the biggest difference to our ears. But there's much more to the sound we hear than just where you place your speakers in a stereo or home theater setup, and what comes out of them. You might not even realize it, but your room plays a rather large part in the sound that you hear from your system. And as with any...

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Assignemnt 3 Sound

Assignemnt 3 – Sound Construction Technology 5 – 200471 Damir Kukic 17038124 Q1. List and explain three ways that noise can be reduced at the source. Noise can be reduced at the source by placing noise in sound proof enclosure. A special enclosure does not need to be constructed for the noise source. Structure-borne noise can be eliminated by flexible connections to the services and placing machinery on resilient supports. Q2. Explain how noise attenuation differs for a point source...

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Directional Sound System

A Suggestion of Sound System Topic: A proposal solution of existing handset inconvenience in aircraft Team name: Mr. Taiwan Team member: William Young, Wallace Tang, Jason Wang and Jerry Huang Date: Dec 6th 2012 Introduction During air flight, passengers often use entertainment system to enjoy the journey. However, the traditional personal headsets device used with flight entertainment system came out some cumbersome due to vary inconvenience. This proposal is to propose a solution of...

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Speed Of Sound In AirBy James

 Speed of Sound in Air By: James Chen Lab Partner: Jin Zhang and Jake Salpeter Phys 130, Lab section: EE11 TA: Khaled Elshamouty Date of lab: October 29, 2013 Introduction Sound is a longitudinal (compressional) wave caused by a vibrating source. In this experiment, we use standing sound waves created by the tuning forks to determine the speed of sound in air in a tube when it reaches different resonances. In this lab we focused primarily on using standing sound waves (compressional...

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Effects And Causes Of Sound Pollution

atmosphere caused by audio entertainment systems like loudspeakers, automobiles, and machinery of factories is just a nuisance. They create a lot of noise. Noise can be defined as an undesirable or annoying sound. Noise pollution can be referred to as an annoying, irritating, distracting environmental noise level. The loudspeakers are usually used in marriages, jagrans, All advancements become useless, if a man doesn’t get a peaceful and quite atmosphere. The social and religious functions. But...

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The World of Sound Around Us

Living in a world surround by sound Todays world is truly a marvel of its own. We have made extraordinary advances in technology, transportation, education and engineering, but with all the advantages that come with these advancements in the modern world, disadvantages come with it also. We have become well informed about diseases, psychological, and health. Along with this came tons of research on how to be healthier, how to eat correctly and how to take preventative measure to ensure that you...

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Introduction to Sound Waves

Namee: Paul G. Zamora (Homework in Performance Techniques) Sound Waves- A sound wave is the pattern of disturbance caused by the movement of energy traveling through a medium (such as air, water, or any other liquid or solid matter) as it propagates away from the source of the sound. The source is some object that causes a vibration, such as a ringing telephone, or a person's vocal chords. The vibration disturbs the particles in the surrounding medium; those particles disturb those next to them...

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Analysis of Sound of Silence

Yubraj Budhathoki Shannon Vails ENGL 1302 March 8, 2011 Lack of communication: An analysis of “The Sound of Silence”Sounds of Silence is an album by Simon and Garfunkel, released on January 17, 1966” [ (wikipedia) ].This is a beautiful song composed with wonderful choices of words. Behind this beautiful song with melodious rhythm, there is a big message in the lyrics. In this poem, Simon presents the speaker who speaks about communication. The idea of lack of communication builds up throughout...

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What Is Sound?

Sound A. What is the definition of Sound? Sound is everything that a person, animal or computer can hear. It can be created in a countless number of ways and occurs from anything as simple as tapping on a table. All sounds are a series of vibrations that travel through a medium in all possible directions. The cause of sound is the vibration of an object; once the item vibrates the sound waves then radiate outwards until they are either stopped or they die out. A sound wave has three characteristics:...

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Speed of Sound

PHY 113: Speed of Sound- Resonance Tube Student’s name: Ilian Valev Lab partners: Jayanthi Durai, Susan Berrier, Chase Wright Date of experiment: April 15, 2010 Section SLN: 17742 TA’S name: Alex Abstract: This experiment tried to determine the speed of sound waves. To determine the speed, a resonance tube full of water was used and two different tuning forks of known frequency. Each fork was struck above the water...

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Measuring the Speed of Sound (Moving Tube)

Measuring the Speed of Sound (Moving Tube) KEY Purpose: To measure the speed of sound in air using a variable length column of air. Apparatus: resonance-tube apparatus (an open ended tube which can be moved in and out of a container of water) constant frequency source (tuning fork or computer generated tone) rubber hammer meter stick rubber stopper Procedure: 1. Set Up the Experiment: Place the open ended tube into the water, and verify that it can produce a resonance tube...

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Physics Speed of Sound Lab Report

Samantha Mackey 13. 2nd hour PHYSICS LAB REPORT: SPEED OF SOUND Purpose: In this lab, we will be doing 3 major things: 1) Collecting and organizing data to obtain resonant points in a closed pipe, 2) measure the length of a closed-pipe resonator, and 3) analyze the data to determine the speed of sound. Procedure: 1. Fill the graduated cylinder nearly to the top with water, with a tall glass tube open at both ends (the water level with act as the closed end). 2. Determine...

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Speed of Sound

Title: Measuring the speed of sound. Research question: How to determine the speed of sound by using the relationship between the frequency of the signal generator, f and the length of air column in the tube, l . Variables: Manipulated | Frequency of the signal generator, f | Use different frequency of signal generator which are 1000Hz, 1400Hz, 1800Hz, 2000Hz, 2500Hz, 3000Hz and 3600Hz. | Responding | Length of air column in the tube, l (±0.5cm) | Measure the...

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Sound and Speed

6. If the air temperature increases the speed of the sound will increase, because for every increase of 1 the speed of sound increase by 0.59m/s 7. If the temperature of the air increases the wavelength will also increase because the speed of the sound increases. In order to stay at 420Hz, the wavelength must increase. 8. Speed of sound in air: Moving towards: 425Hz Moving away: 378Hz 9. The...

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sound localization

The Effects of Head Movement and Pinnae Distortion on Sound Localisation Abstract: Human’s ability to locate sounds on their midline can be effected by the distortion of the pinnae, as well as the restriction of head movement. The study investigated the effects of head moment and pinnae distortion on sound localisation through the presentation of a sound stimulus along three points of the participants midline, in front, above or behind the participants head. The study was carried out under four...

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Analysis of "The Sound of the Sea" by Henry Wadswort Longfellow

“The Sound of the Sea” is a sonnet by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, describing the sounds of the sea and relating it to human inspiration. Through only auditory images of the sea and other powerful natural forces, Longfellow effectively alludes to the nature of human inspiration. Through detailed and sensory imagery, Longfellow communicates the subtle details of the human soul and how inspiration functions. “The Sound of the Sea” consists of fourteen lines and a particular rhyme scheme (abba abba...

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Shakespeare' as You Like It: Effective Use of Sound in Jacques' Speech

Shakespeare' As You Like It: Effective Use of Sound In Jacques' Speech As infamous as Shakespeare is, and as well known as his works are, some prose are just simply more extraordinary than the rest. There are many ways to look at Jacques speech, such as use of language or imagery yet, something we often do not reflect on is the sound of the prose. When reading this particular speech, the subject is directly related to the sounds Shakespeare has chosen. We are guided gracefully through the stages...

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The Way to Freedom ( Film Ib Portfolio) (Sound Engineer) (1st One)

organize ideas ,to find happiness, to recuperate the joy of life, going through another ay an non common one ,”Running Away” As sound engineer I was looking for a song that fits with the lyrics and the development of the script into the scene ,creating an environment of joy and happy love. Word Count: 95 Running Away Running Away David Sanchez C 5th Attic/Film Sound Engineer Commentary: PRE PRODUCTION: All Starts with the lyrics of “Running Away” the song, based in a list of words .We...

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Essay #5 Sound Discuss how at least 5 of the “function” of film sound Operate In Wall*E (time/place, character, attention, feeling, rhythm, subject, theme). Be specific in your response. The sound element narration, dialogue, sound effects and music makes the nonrealistic characters come alive. What we hear gives life to what we see and offers some clues to the meaning. Once we identify the sound on the action we suspect that it is warning for what going to happen litter on...

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S1523 Project Title The Focalization of Sound Abstract Objectives/Goals Scientists have been able to focus sound waves by transmitting an ultrasonic wave in a straight line that can give off audible sound in its path. The only disadvantage to this is the high cost. This project was designed to develop a low-cost process of focusing sound using a parabolic dish and sound-absorbent material. Methods/Materials The project began with the building of a sound box to test different materials in. The box...

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Sound recording techniques

Sound recording techniquesl Microphone techniques In order to have a good mic technique you’ll need to understand how the microphones diaphragm work’s depending on sensitivity to your vocal performance you’ll need to adjust your body/ or object according to the dynamics of your delivery. In order to have a high quality recording. Recording drums Some microphones are used for the testing of speakers and checking noise levels etc. These are known as calibrated transducers and will usually...

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Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window: Sound

Sound is everywhere. It is part of our everyday lives and our interactions and definitely a part of film. Sound, especially dialogue, makes it easier to understand what is happening. But it also provides texture and emotion to each scene. Though most moviegoers might think of film as an essentially visual experience, we cannot underestimate the importance of sound and music in film. Most movies would not be interesting at all if you were to take away the sound and music. Sound enables the director...

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"The Sound of Music".

The Sound of Music The sound of music was by far the greatest musical success for the team of Rodgers and Hammerstein. I chose this musical because of the lyrical and musical talent of these two men. I have enjoyed watching this classic numerous time throughout the years due to my mother's influence. She exposed my brother and I to many different types of music, teaching us to appreciate the style of each artist. The Sound of Music was directed and produced by Robert Wise, although he was not the...

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Live Sound Setup

level will allow a sound signal to travel from one or more microphones to a mixing console. At the mixing console all signals will be mixed together in the right balance and levels and sent out to an amplifier. The signals are then converted into much larger signals and sent to the speakers creating sound waves for the audience to hear. (Fry, 2005) The aim of this report is to analyse by way of reference books, government occupational health and safety guidelines and various sound websites, the installation...

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Use of Sound in Sous Les Toits de Paris

The coming of sound, although it was very popular with the audience, was not welcomed by everyone. Many saw the technical innovation as a barbaric intrusion to silent cinema. Among those people was Renée Clair, a French director of the thirties, extremely popular internationally. Like many others, he dreaded the arrival of sound however, because the public’s demand for talkies was so strong, he had no choice but to adapt to modern times. However his use of sound is quite particular and very interesting...

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CS8119 Midterm Assignment – Sound This essay is based on the opening title sequence of “Slumdog Millionaire (2008)”. Throughout the scene, the filmmaker uses the soundtrack titled “O Saya” by A. R. Rahman and M.I.A, which focuses heavily on orchestra and moves at a fast pace. The scene was started with a group of children, who lives in slum of Mumbai, playing baseball and screaming, anticipating the main character, Jamal, to catch the ball. Audience would have expected the continuation...

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The Effects of Pinnae and Head Movement in Sound Localisat

Abstract Sound localisation is the process of determining the location of a particular source of sound, and this is achieved through the use of binaural and monaural cues. To investigate what factors affect the ability to localise sound, one hundred and eighty six psychology students underwent an experiment where subjects indicated what direction they heard a set of keys coming from when the keys were shaken above the participant’s head on three different positions of the midline. The four conditions...

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Music Healer

centuries, from the strumming of ancient harps and flutes, to the pure voice sung in chants and folk songs.  Music has no bounds when it creates the sounds to heal and mellow the soul.  It's legacy survives every generation through history and is expressed through the hearts and deeper feelings in the people from almost every culture, ancient and modern.  Sound and music coupled with a pure heart and clear soul activates the principles of healing.  And nothing can take its place in the world. Our world...

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anaphy lab

translate them into sounds in our brain, they control our balance, and they define much of how we relate to the world around us. Our ability - or lack of ability - to hear has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. The human ear receives and transmits sound waves to the brain where they are analyzed and interpreted. Perhaps the best way to describe the function of the ear is to describe the pathway sound takes through the different parts of the ear. The outer ear collects sound waves and directs...

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Biology Communication Hsc Assignment

Outline the role of sound shadow cast by the head in the location of sound. When sound waves are coming from directly in front, behind, or above the head both ears will hear the sound equally. When sound is coming from one side, the receptors in the ear closest to the sound will be stimulated slightly earlier and also more intensely. The brain then locates the sound as coming from one side of the body. The head is said to cast a sound shadow on the sound coming in to the ear from the...

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Music and Mood

contains a constant beat; it may speed up or slow down, depending on the mood of the person. If the person is in flight their heart beats faster. If the person is calm and relaxed, their heart will beat slower. A city has a faster rhythm, with louder sounds, because a city is fast paced and noisy. A rural town has slower rhythm because of the slow paced lifestyle. The sun, the earth's metronome, has an elliptic rhythm. Music has such a strong ability to affect mood because it contains beats and rhythms...

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radio program or show is produced, either for live broadcastor forrecording for a later broadcast. The room is soundproofed to avoid unwanted noise being mixed into thebroadcast. ACOUSTIC TREATMENT Acoustic Treatment is designed to control the sound quality within a room. It is not intended to preventsound propagation between rooms.Sound Transmission leakage are reduced via construction  –using thick massive walls, and isolating thebuilding structures  –generally by floating the walls and floors...

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6 Concepts of Music

6 Concepts of Music Duration Aspects: * Beat * Underlying pulse in music * Rhythm * Patterns of long and short sounds and silences found in music * Tempo * The speed of the beat. Music may be relatively fast or slow and may become faster or slower * Meter * the grouping of the beats * Beats can be grouped in any combination including 2,3,4,5,6,7 etc. * Regular and irregular meters * Metric groupings * Tempo * Rhythmic devices such...

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The Sound of Music

von Trapp’s life and his family and became part of it. The writer realize its not easy for Maria to get close to von Trapp’s seven children who has lost their mother so the writer set a situation on a rainy night, von Trapp’s children afraid of the sound of thunder so Maria told them how to overcome their fear with singing a song “my favorite things” and the children like it, for the oldest one, Liesl. The writer set up a scene that make Maria as the key of Liesl love with Rolf. Mainly the writer want...

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Speech and Language Science Term Paper

goes from linguistic, physiological to acoustic and back again. Language is a huge portion of communication and without it humans would not be able to understand one another. We break down our language into words and those words are broken down into sounds. For this paper’s purposes, we will break down the word “pancake” in the process of how it is spoken and how it is received. According to the International Phonetic Alphabet, the word “pancake” is transcribed as /pænkek/. The way the speaker speaks...

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Music Appreciation Elements of Music

four main properties of musical sounds are; Tone Color (Timbre), Pitch, Dynamics and Duration. Tone Color also known as timbre pertains to the distinguishing attributes of one voice or instrument from another. A good example is the tone difference between a saxophone and a guitar, or even between a nylon and steel string guitars. Pitch mainly has to do with the relative highness or the lowness of a sound. It is determined by the frequency of the vibration of sound. Smaller objects (shorter strings)...

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The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury: A Tale of Two Families The Sound and the Fury, one of William Faulkner’s most celebrated novels, is the story of the Compson family and its inevitable and somewhat tragic downfall. The Compsons, a family which once thrived in distinction and promoted traditional Southern ideals, are doomed to collapse from the beginning of Faulkner’s tale, and the story follows them as they creep slowly toward their demise. Beginning the story from the perspective of Benjy, the youngest...

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Music Appreciation Module 1

and explain how the sound is produced in each category. (1 point) The six broad categories include string (guitar and violin), percussion (bass drum, cymbals), woodwind (flute, clarinet), keyboard (organ, piano), brass (trumpet, trombone), and electronics (synthesizer). 2. Define each of the following terms: (4 points total/.08 point for each term) a. Pitch – highness or lowness of sound b. Tone - sound with specific frequencies c. dynamics – relative loudness of sound d. pianissimo – very...

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Aria Expert from Hunger of Memory

most children are uneasy—to find themselves apart from their families in the first institution of their lives. But I was astonished. The nun said, in a friendly but oddly impersonal voice, 'Boys and girls, this is Richard Rodriguez.' (I heard her sound out: Rich-heard Road-ree-guess.) It was the first time I had heard anyone name me in English. 'Richard,' the nun repeated more slowly, writing my name down in her black leather book. Quickly I turned to see my mother's face dissolve in a watery blur...

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Dulce Et Decorum Est

decorum est evidently conveys this message. He utilises techniques like sound to deliberately enhance the imagery of the poem to make it appear more realistic. The overall moral of this poem that he has conveyed through Dulce et decorum est is that it is a lie when people tell the old saying “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” connoting that “it is sweet and fitting to die for ones native land”. He establishes this idea through sound to enhance his poem for the reader so they can imagine themselves...

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Noise Pollution

machines cause a lot of noise pollution. Airplanes, .. Main causes of noise pollution: Noise is a problem chiefly of the urban area. Loud noise is considered as pollutant. High frequency loud sound, creates various kinds of physical and mental problems. The unit of measurement of sound is decibel (dB). Any sound above, 80 decibel harms the ciliary cells situate.. Sources of Noise pollution explained below: Domestic gadgets : Mixers, pressure cookers, washing machines, desert coolers, generators (as...

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Explaining a Poem

it literally represents? 7. How does sound contribute to the effect of the poem? • Does it have rhyme, either exact or approximate repetition of a final sound? • Does it use repetition of sounds, words, lines, refrains? • Does it contain alliteration: repetition of consonant sounds, particularly initial consonants (the first sound in a word), either within or between lines? • Is there assonance: the repetition of a vowel sound in a line or passage? • Are any...

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The Human Ear and Its Interactions

Intro to Life Science II The Human Ear and Its Interactions While most people hear sound and interact through using sound, most do not stop to really try to understand what is actually happening. This tends to be on an overall scale as well, not only do most not understand the mechanical processes that occur when our ears take in sound, but most do not understand what sound actually is, nor how the we interpret it. In this essay I will do my best to give a broad overview of the human ear,...

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The Sound and the Fury

THE SOUND AND THE FURY William Faulkner's background influenced him to write the unconventional novel The Sound and the Fury. One important influence on the story is that Faulkner grew up in the South. The Economist magazine states that the main source of his inspiration was the passionate history of the American South, centered for him in the town of Oxford, Mississippi, where he lived most of his life. Similarly, Faulkner turns Oxford and its environs, "my own little postage stamp of native...

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Noise Pollution

WHAT IS NOISE POLLUTION? What is noise Pollution? Sound is essential to our daily lives, but noise is not. Noise is generally used as an unwanted sound, or sound which produces unpleasant effects and discomfort on the ears. Sound becomes unwanted when it either interferes with normal activities such as sleeping, conversation, or disrupts or diminishes one’s quality of life. Not all noise can be called noise pollution. If it does not happen reqularly, it may be termed as 'Nuisance' ...

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Sit253 Assignment1

An assignment will not be accepted for assessment if the declaration appearing above has not been duly completed by the author. SIT 253 ASSIGNMENT 1 Introduction This report will contain 5 parts, the introduction, assets list, presentation of sound samples, experiences and the reference list. This report is to explain the audio files have been made in the assignment1 and analysis this game. This is a third person action game, set on the farm scene. The game is called ‘Rural Apocalypse’...

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Information report (Type of pollution)

dangerous substances, mostly a contaminant or toxin, which causes damaging impacts to the living organisms and its surrounding (All-recycling-facts.com, 2011). Pollutions are classified into four major types and they are land pollution, water pollution, sound pollution and air pollution (see Figure 1). The first type of pollution is land pollution. Land pollution occurs when contaminant or toxin is spread and placed on the land. “Land pollution is mainly caused by poor solid waste management practice”...

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