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Essay #5 Sound

Discuss how at least 5 of the “function” of film sound Operate In Wall*E (time/place, character, attention, feeling, rhythm, subject, theme). Be specific in your response.

The sound element narration, dialogue, sound effects and music makes the nonrealistic characters come alive. What we hear gives life to what we see and offers some clues to the meaning. Once we identify the sound on the action we suspect that it is warning for what going to happen litter on the film. Filmmakers use Sound producing designing, recording, editing, and mixing to take audience attention, to show the feeling or the mood. They also urge their collaborators to the mise-en-scene, cinematography plan, lighting and acting with an awareness of how their decisions might affect sound. We might think of film as an essentially visual experience, but we really cannot underestimate the importance of sound as audio-visual art. The sound makes the fill Wall*E become alive by using different component of the soundtrack. Through out of the film vocal sounds have combined with the moving image of Wall*E and the rest of the characters. Most of the time in this film vocal sounds dominate the other sound truck. As well as vocal sound we see environmental sound at the begging of the film when Wall*E goes to his place we hears environmental sound but that don’t have to do anything with the film beside taking our attention to focus on mise en scene. A sound can be diegetic or non-diegetic (on-screen or off-screen) it can be recorded separately from the image or at the moment of filming. In the film Wall*E some of example for diegetic sound are Wall*E voices when he talk EVE and the other characters, the video Wall*E watch with EVE on the TV, all the sound that’s made by the objects in the starship etc. the Mood music that plays when Wall*E walk to his place, when we he wait for EVE to start working, on and when he run after her all those music functions by...
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