Napoleon Dynamite

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Napoleon Dynamite
Director: Jared Hess
Part of Napoleon Dynamite's character is defined through mise-en-scene. His costuming throughout the movie is very indicative of whom he is; he is almost always seen wearing out of date clothing, usually from the 80s. He wears very drab colors, except for when his shirt sports a vivid design. His mismatched, corny, and awkward clothing are synonymous with his personality. On the other end of the spectrum, he wears a gauche-colored yet slick-looking suit to the dance. This is fitting due to the fact that he thinks he is suave for having a hot date, yet he is still "gauche" according to his date and the rest of the school. Sound:

Sound in Napoleon Dynamite plays a vital role in defining characters, particularly Napoleon's. Additionally, considerable portion of the significant sound in the film occurs in the music. The most blatant effect of the music is the cheesy MIDI arrangements. These outdated compositions portray the tackiness of Napoleon; he and the music are clearly out of style. One of the crudest examples of this is when Napoleon buys his suit; the music in the background is as unbearably corny as Napoleon's taste in clothing. Albeit music is a fundamental factor in Napoleon Dynamite, it is not the only element of sound that is relevant. The sound effects in the film also give clues as to what kind of person Napoleon really is. One supporting example is when he is eating "tots" in the middle of class. The unnecessarily loud crunching noise portrays his manifest lack of craftiness and style. There was one audio technique, however, that was extremely puzzling. In every scene inside a house, there is a very subtle background of birds chirping. This emphasizes the fact that Napoleon lives a rural community, rather than a busy suburb or city setting. Character:

Napoleon is a nerd; there is no doubt about it. Several aspects of...
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