12 angry men

Topics: Difference, Semiotics, Style Pages: 1 (428 words) Published: October 31, 2014
Reginald Rose, the author of 12 Angry Men, writes his book using complex characters and word choice that effects their characterization. In the book 12 Angry Men Reginald Rose uses abrupt but cultured text is straightforward picturesque at the same time when talking about his characters. Roses denotation and connotation affects his characters and their attitudes throughout the entire book. When he explains his characters thoughts and actions it helps portray them differently from each other. In 12 Angry Men Rose portrays his characters several different ways. For instance he uses denotation to make some characters sarcastic and dry. Rose also portrays his characters as light hearted and playful when he uses connotation. His portrayals of each character are different but similar throughout the story. You can clearly see similarities between some characters as well as distinct differences in others due to Roses word choice. Roses denotation and connotation play a big part in the portrayal of each of his characters. When Rose uses connotation in his story he makes the word choices more cheerful and positive. But when Rose uses denotation in his story he takes a deeper darker path in his word choice. For instance when juror 3 says to juror 8, Let me go Ill kill him Ill kill him Rose is using denotation. Or when juror 3 says Shut up he is also using denotation. When I say Reginald Rose makes his word choice picturesque I mean he uses imagery. Reginald Rose also uses diction when describing his complex characters, thats what makes them so straight forward. The fact that each of Roses jurors has a different type of word choice gives them each a unique way of being portrayed. Each of Roses characters is also cultured. When I say cultured I mean that Rose has added some of his self into each of the characters. It seems that each character has some real world knowledge and street smarts and thats what makes them each similar to Rose. Overall Reginald Roses use of abrupt...
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