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Kudler Fine Foods is a company that deals with bakery and pastries products, along with providing produce, meats, seafood, condiments, cheese, specialty dairy products, and they also package foods if necessary throughout their many locations within California. Kudler Fine Foods ultimate goal is very similar to all businesses alike, which is to have an excess amount of income over expenditure. According to what is stated on the Intranet for Kudler Fine Foods, their drive as a business, is to always maintain being the best in the business when comes to servicing customers with top high end products (goods and even services produced by Kudler Fine Foods). KFF will also have to understand what the needs of customers are and what they are looking for. Most of the time, or should I say all the time, customers are always relying on the shifting and movements (up or down), of price levels over different periods of time, and the expectations of those price levels, would be a decrease in goods and services mostly all the time. Observing the shifting of price levels is a strategy done by customers as they go through the process of examining two or more companies similar to KFF; in order to discover similarities and differences.

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is always working towards the achievement of maintaining the needs of new and regular customers by keeping a certain specified and sufficient standard. Kudler Fine Foods goals or intended outcomes can be realized through the loyalty of their customers; such loyalty would help KFF realize their goals of increasing their store sizes, the extent of their store locations, the actual scope of KFF, and even increasing the number of store locations.

Kudler Fine Foods revenue could increase over periods of time if they were too invest in a program that could track the progress or development of purchases that customers make, and what items are the hot items that customers purchase the most; also to keep track of general tendencies by customers. Such a term for such a program could be coined as a ‘Loyalty Advantage Program’ or LAP as an acronym.

Loyalty Advantage Program (LAP)

This program would need to be established and maintained through the use of a software program, Kudler would have the capabilities of keeping an electronic file of the buying of goods and even services (i.e. catering services), of customers through a software or even on the intranet that’s being managed by the company’s main network in which the software used could be accessed throughout the different store locations within the Marketing department and Human Resources. In order for such a program to work successfully, KFF will have to come up with a card system that would have all the electronic capabilities as a credit card, but is not going to be similar to a credit card, and would only be used each time a customer shops.

Customers would be able to become eligible for loyalty advantage reward points as purchases are made each time customers shop along with using their LAP cards before paying for any products, goods, and/or services; even if transactions are done over the phone. The LAP card could also be used for price reduction with season tickets for games, concert tickets, hotel rental, and even renting a car. However, the points are only accumulated dependant on a customer’s loyalty of shopping at KFF, or using KFF catering services. For all activities and interactions for each customer’s card account, the tracking of the cards could be monitored electronically once swiped, then the data of that card will be electronically converted digitally and then filed and recorded to generate the amount of points and rewards earned.

Loyalty Advantage Program Overview and Departments

The program will be used in each store location. The overview for the loyalty advantage can be handled within different departments, each having a...

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