Marketing Research Analysis: Kudler Fine Foods

Topics: Marketing research, Marketing, Research Pages: 3 (1084 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Throughout this paper, I will explain the marketing research on Kudler Fine Foods. This paper will also discuss the significance of marketing research and how it affects the evolution of Kudler Fine Foods’ marketing strategy and tactics. Then, the fields where further market research is required will be distinguished. Subsequently, the significance of competitive intelligence and analysis concerning the promotion of Kudler Fine Foods’ marketing strategy and tactics will be considered. Kudler Fine Foods Marketing Research Kudler Fine Foods is primarily located in southern California with three successful sites. The original store launched in La Jolla in 1998 by Kathy Kudler, a creative thinker who wished for a place where she could purchase everything she wanted so that she could make dinner and thought that opening a chain of gourmet markets was the answer. The Del Mar and Encinitas sites were in motion within five years (University of Phoenix, 2013). Marketing research comprises more than just talking to a consumer and asking them to fill out a survey answering questions to find out how they agree and disagree. It implicates the identification of the elements of the part of the population that is the target market, the way people live and their values, and the information collected while conducting the fundamental research and analyzing the information. The results can then be used to make current business strategies better, make business decisions that are based on supply, demand, the demographics, avoid any indiscretions, calculate a correct likelihood and accurate probabilities centered on consistency of past experiences, and decide which strategic expenses are sensible for the company. Marketing research draws in a lot of time and can be expensive, before making valuable marketing choices and a communication strategy, it is essential to reflect the different kinds of buyers and consumers,...
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