Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods wishes to develop a system to track customer purchases through a Frequent Shopper Program to award loyalty points for redemption. The objective of this project request is to track purchases of individual customers, which will accumulate as loyalty points for redemption (Apollo Group, 2011). Customers will have the ability to redeem loyalty points for gift items, specialty foods, and other products or services as made available (Apollo Group, 2011). Statement of Scope and Goals

General Project Information:
Project Name: Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
Management desires an increase in revenue based on the existing customer base. A frequent shopper plan serves as the preferred method of accomplishing this, based on Kudler’s customers’ preference for rewards rather than discounts. Project objectives:

To enable tracking of customer patterns of shopping, rewarding specific behaviors with options from airline miles to high end gift items.

Project Description:
Using existing infrastructure, a new system will be implemented to gather customer data using a customer frequent shopper card that will also track points for redemption by the customer. Business Benefits:

Improved customer loyalty.
Better data about customer’s shopping habits.
Increased revenue.
Project Deliverables:
Frequent shopper program system analysis and design
Frequent shopper program software
Frequent shopper program documentation
Frequent shopper program training procedures
Estimated Project Duration:
9 months
Supporting Measures for Success
Kudler Fine Foods values their customer relationship with this in mind they have decided to reward them. With this in mind they have decided to offer a loyalty points program for frequent shoppers. They are hoping to follow the success of Nostrodom’s loyalty program and offer finer, high quality items for the customers. The success of the reward program will rely in the customer to buy into it. If the customer likes the rewards and grasps the concepts the success rate will be high. The customer will need to spend a good amount to achieve different levels of reward on the loyalty program. This success will factor on a few things from the customer. How much they spend in the store? How often they come into the store? What type of reward card level they would like to reach? These factors will depend on their income as well, since a person who makes a little more money may achieve for a higher goal. Perks from the reward program may lure someone to want for a higher reward status. These types of perks can lure a customer to spend a little more than they normally would. The perks from earning points will offer gifts that include but are not limited to airline tickets, high-end gift purchases, and other food specialties. The way they plan to get the news out about the loyalty program is to advertise through mailings by zip codes, through word of mouth and through in store advertising. Another way they plan to get more customers in the store is to offer a cooking night to customers. Demoing the fine foods they offer in the store, if a person knows how to incorporate he foods into everyday life they then are more likely to purchase the item. In order to figure out who are good candidates for such a program Kindler Fine Foods will start tracking customer purchases. This will enable Kindler Fine Foods to know what the customers wants are from the store. What type of foods, wine and spirits and products other products Kindler offers? The tracking program will also enable them to know who to send out their mailing information and special promotes too. This will allow them to target the customer group they are looking for.

Project Feasibility
Economic Feasibility
There are multiple factors that must be considered when determining whether it is feasible to begin a project. There are...

References: Apollo Group. (2011). Kudler Fine Foods Service Request SR-kf-013.Virtual Organizations Portal.Retrieved from University of Phoenix, BSA/375-Fundamentals of Business System Development Course Website.
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