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The Kudler frequent shopper program is a new program that the company is initiating to help with tracking customer spending behavior and also to increase customer loyalty. According to Kudler Fine Foods (2004), “The customer purchase behavior patterns will help Kudler refine its processes and offerings to best satisfy their valued customers, (Sales and Marketing, para. 3). Kudler’s customers are so much concerned with the price of the products they are purchasing so it is important that they are able to receive the highest quality products available to them, so they may create all of the wonderful dishes they are used to eating. The frequent shopper program will also benefit the customers by allowing them to earn points for things like airline ticket upgrades, special gifts, and even specialty food products. This program is all about customer information and the management of that information so that Kudler can better “delight” their customers and increase revenue. The sales and marketing team will work to establish and sustain the frequent shopper program by the fourth quarter so that revenue is increased by 4.75% by that time as well. To do this successfully it is imperative that Kudler consider all areas including any legal, ethical, and security areas that may be impacted by the program.

Legal Considerations

From a legal standpoint Kudler needs to make sure that their program is not breaking any privacy laws, because the company will be collecting all kinds of information from their customers and they have to be sure that the company is safe from any legal issues that may arise. Kudler has deemed that it is necessary that they track their customers spending habits in their stores because they feel that the information gathering and the analysis of that information is vital to the success of the company and that they can provide a better shopping experience to the...

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