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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program
The process management at Kudler Fine Foods desires for ongoing progress and also growth and this must be designed in a manner in which reduces risks. Here are several guidelines to reaching that long lasting goal regarding progress and accomplishment of Kudler Fine Foods. Using a mixture of the a few different methods gives Kudler Fine Foods the best chance of a prosperous growth ("Kudler Fine Foods", 2011).

Scope and Stakeholders
Kudler Fine Foods wants to develop a system to track customer purchases through a Frequent Shopper Program to award loyalty points for redemption. Taking this request into mind we want to define the scope and key stakeholders associated with in the project. In today’s market defining your scope is key, looking over the expected results for this project we can see the scope will heavily focus on working with all area manager of Kudler Fine Food stores to collect data in relation to shopping hours, specials, and best sellers; even taking into consideration which stores outperform others. Store sales and performance will be our forefront to kicking off this project correctly.
Looking into who has a handle on this as well who can be affected, we can see our stakeholders. Store managers will have to take on a larger role at each store aiding in tracking and marketing the Frequent Shopper Program (FSP), area managers will need access to the database to see sales, points awarded, statistics for big sellers and more to influence marketing and deals. Employees will obviously see a different process of handling sales and customers at the register and welcoming them to the store. Listing stakeholders in groups we can see the impact to aid in describing each impact.
Stake Holders
Area Managers
Store Managers
Customers (Participants of FSP)

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