Kudler Fine Foods Service Request

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Service Request
Kudler Fine Foods (KFF), a virtual organization from the University of Phoenix (2008), is interested in developing and deploying a customer tracking system through a Kudler Frequent Shopper Program (KFSP) that would provide KFF data on shopping habits of cliental and in return provides customers with high-end incentives for shopping. The project will require the determination of requirements from KFF and their client base and a system analysis. This paper follows a systems analysis process by exploring business objectives and models, current and proposed system analysis, project constraints, functional requirements, cost benefit analysis, and design requirements with the assumed delivery being to an executive management committee at KFF. Scope and Goals

Kathy Kudler in La Jolla started KFF in 1998 after getting tired of working in the defense-contracting arena (University of Phoenix, 2008). In the first nine months of operation, KFF had already broken even and in their first year, they had shown a profit. Since then Kudler has opened a stores in Del Mar in 2000 and Encinitas in 2003. The stores praise themselves as being the best for imported and domestic foods. A 16000 square feet facility warehouses these products.

KFF’s mission is to provide their customers with the very best foods and the best service possible. In pursuit of that mission, KFF has decided to implement KFSP in order to track their customer’s purchases. KFF can use this system to keep track of the products purchased by their loyal customers. The tracking of the customers purchases would be used to determining patterns in customers shopping and track frequent purchases. At most lower end food stores the frequent shoppers programs provide immediate benefits by giving their shoppers a few cents off each product. KFF has a different plan in mind for their frequent shopper incentives. They have collaborated with a loyalty points program to provide their customers with high-end gifts, frequent flyer miles, and other specialty foods. With the SR-kf-013 service request, this improvement refines KFF’s process and provides an even better service to their clientele. Requirements

The purpose of developing a detailed requirements document allows for the implementation of a proper solution for both parties. In an article published by TechRepublic, user requirements are extremely important because they “effectively lay the foundation for developers, testers, and implementers to begin determining the functionality, responsiveness, and interoperability required of that system” (¶ 2). Measures for Success

KFF’s decision to the offer their frequent shoppers that ability to obtain a KFSP is an excellent idea for many specific reasons. The ability to track the trending data from their most dedicated shoppers, the company will be in a position to design systems that will enable them to meet better the needs of their customers. Specific measures surrounding this program are the fact that their frequent shoppers will be whether their customers partake in any of the activities, incentives, and or discounts made available to them. For instance, with the information gained from the checkout counter the company can redesign their inventory strategy to ensure that the particular foods that their frequent shoppers buy often are always in stock. Based from this action of inventory security, the company could then measure the increase or overall status of the inventory movement to determine program effectiveness. While inventory awareness is important in a retail environment, the measuring satisfied customers is possible by recording their level of engagement while in the store and by word of mouth to new customers. The company already holds special events in their store where they have special guest and celebrity chiefs that come and teach, entertain or simply have a presence in the store. The beauty of the frequent shopper program is that with it, KFF can...

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