Kudler Customer Loyalty- Security & Ethics Paper

Topics: Loyalty program Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: September 7, 2010
Kudler Customer Loyalty Program

Kudler Fine Foods would like to start a customer loyalty program. The program will be set up to track the customer’s purchases and will allow their customers to accumulate points from their purchases. The customer can redeem their points to be used towards specialty foods and other products and/or services from Kudler’s partners as well as other external companies.

For starters Kudler will need to have a way for their customer’s information to be stored and securely kept. They will most likely use some sort of paper application to start up the program per customer. The application will be very generic and should only consist of things that may already be public knowledge, ie, first and last name, home phone number along with address. All this information will be entered into a database and the paper application will be destroyed. The customers will then be issued a “Customer Loyalty Card”. The card will have the customer’s name only on it along with an encrypted barcode, which will still only contain the customer’s basic information. The barcode will also be able to store and send the purchases back to corporate office to customer purchase tracking can begin. The system will be set up similarly for customers who shop on-line and prefer to register on-line for a “Customer Loyalty Card” that way security is still maintained. EMC offers a Frequent Shopper Application Processing application that can convert paper records into digital files and stores the information. This program will capture the POS (point of sales) information, which can also be used to track loyalty points. (EMC)

Since the customer is key to making this program work effectively, Kudler needs to find a way to ensure the customer that they will not share any of their information, from name to purchases, with any other company, other than the company that Kudler is affiliated with as far as the Loyalty Rewards program. The last thing...

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