Kudler Fine Foods Bsa/310

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Kudler Fine Foods


Kudler Fine Foods
Many frequent shopper programs exist to bring customers back, or attract new customers through offers and special discounts. The frequent shopper programs can be found in a newspaper, sales paper, over the internet, and through the use of a e-commerce. These types of programs need to be precise in what the offers are, and cover any legality. For newspaper advertising, the cost to run an ad for a week is $1,105.E-commerce differs from site-to-site, but can be found around $100 per month. E-commerce offer auto responder, email campaigns, ad tracking, shopping cart, shipping, payments, billing, software, and downloads. From a customer’s point of view, the ethical standing of a company is why the customer shops there in the first place. If a company shows caring, concern, offers help in any situation, and grant a smile to everyone, a customer recognizes that effort and brings his or her business back to that company. Offers that are cons or fraud generally push customers away and word will spread fast. A concern for both customer and Kudler Foods is security. Kudler Foods needs to collect personal information from customers to offer specials through e-mail, mail, and for collecting geographical information. A customer needs to show trust to give out personal information, which is why Kudler Foods is legally obligated to protect this information. Web security will be in place for sending e-mail offers to specific customers. This security will be a part of employee training and the employee will fully understand what measures to take to prevent any theft. When training a new employee background checks, orientation, and paying a trainer is only a few costs to consider. This can become costly, but is worth the trouble when considering the cost of a lawsuit. The potential gain can be great in creating a frequent shopper program. The program will attract new consumers locally and across the world, and produce a...

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