Key Legislations Relating To Record Kee

Topics: Electronics, Data Protection Act 1998, Computer security Pages: 2 (246 words) Published: November 30, 2014

Key Legislations relating to record keeping
Human Rights Act 1998
Data Protection Act 1998

How to maintain records so they are up to date, complete and accurate and legible?

You can maintain records and keep them up to date by recording them on a day to day basis. You can keep the records safe and secure by putting them on a computer with a password.

How to ensure records are stored securely?
To ensure records are stored correctly and securely you can keep stored on a computer with a secure password.

How to ensure security when reading or making entries into records? When reading and making entries in a care plan you must do it in a quiet and safe environment so that confidentiality is not broken. To make sure that care plans are only seen by people who need to see them. These include RGNs, the manager, carers, doctors and professionals special features of different storage systems that help to ensure security?

Manual systems such as paper based files (text, photos, x-ray, handwritten notes etc) will normally be stored out of general view in a locked room with a key or with number keypad. Sometimes they will be stored in a special vault. Electronic records can be stored on a computer with a password for the files/folder. Sometimes electronic systems can only be accessed by personnel based on staff id numbers. Not all computers will be connected to the internet to stop the risk of intervention.
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