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Records, as defined, is any paper, book, film, chart, etc. of physical form made, received as evidence of individual, organizational functions, objectives, policies, decisions, procedure, operation and many others. And we all know that records, nowadays, have been considered a necessity in any organization. Keeping these records, as time passes, systematic procedures were learned and develop to improve better handling of records. Any organization which can produce the right records at the right time manifest efficiency and effectiveness.

That is the reason why, companies adopt and apply the improvement on the systematic procedures in any matter, taking for instance, the record management to make their organization manifests the efficiency and effectiveness.

Companies with lots of clientele commonly avail and utilize systems that will electronically manage their records. That is the reason why the proponents come up with this kind of study to give our chosen locale, the Mexico Community Hospital”, a system that will help them manage their records electronically and will provide them less hurdles and hassles on working with their daily transaction and on human working efficiency.

1. Background of the Study

A hospital residing in San Carlos, Mexico, Pampanga needs a technological modernization to continuously enhance their services for the ease and benefit of their customer. It is a government hospital named “Mexico Community Hospital” which was established on October 28, 2010.Considering the dates of its establishment, the hospital operates with less than a year, as expected, they implement the traditional process of managing their records and a manual process in every transactions.

Mexico Community Hospital consists of 41 bedroom capacity with 4 resident doctors and 101 staffs and has a total of 70 nurses working everyday.

To provide sustainable, accessible, affordable and assured quality health care for all, especially the indigents is the mission of the hospital.

A world class public hospital with value-driven healthcare and with dedicated staff serving efficiently and competently.

Implementing the LAN-Based Hospital Record Management and Billing System with Barcode technology will help all the staffs with their daily work and function because the main purpose of the study is to help improve the hospitals’ process and transactions.

2. Statement of the Problem

With the help of the information gathered, the proponents have known of various possible problems. By defining the specific problems the proponents have come up to think of the general problems encountered in the current manual system.

1.2.1 General Problem

The main problem of Mexico Community Hospital is that, they keep all their records, since the starting operation of the hospital, in one corner of the admitting office and they are having a hard time in transferring/rewriting the information from the admission slip to the official admission form of the hospital.

1.2.2 Specific Problems

Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions:

1. Their records are just placed and kept in a drawer.

2. There is a possibility of misplacing and losing the medical records of their patients.

3. Displaying the information about the availability of the room and the bed is time consuming.

4. The retrieval of patient’s record is done manually.

5. Creating the patient’s official record is done manually.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

In order to meet the desired results with the proposed system the proponents must come up with the following objectives:

1.3.1 General Objective

The study intends to computerize the record management system of Mexico Community Hospital and will automate their Billing System using Barcode Technology.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives...
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