219 Store And Retrieve Information 11

Topics: Information systems, Confidentiality, Decision theory Pages: 6 (2879 words) Published: December 4, 2014
219- Store and retrieve information
1.1 Explain the purpose of storing and retrieving required information

Storing information is a process where information is stored or kept within a store house. A storehouse includes places such as cabinets, HDD which is a hard disk drive, memory sticks or floppy disks depending on the kind of information that you are trying to store. Retrieving information is the process of regaining the information that has been stored when it is needed at relevant times within the future.

Within any business storing information or documents is a procedure that needs to be followed because there will be no faults with finding the documents or information again when they need to be retrieved. There are different ways to file different types of documents for example certain types of information have to be stored within fire proof cabinets and some have to be recorded on hard copies or soft copies electronically.

Depending on what kind of business is needing to store their information there will have to be different ways of storing them because of the type of information for example it could be confidential so they could not store it somewhere that the other workers will be able to get access to it. For example in a hospital the information has to be stored in a specific way so that only the people who are meant to be seeing them can see them or in a bank the information is confidential and cannot be stored somewhere that is not secure because if the customers bank details were to get out to a member of staff or to a member of the public there would be a lawsuit that could cause harm to the business. Businesses have to make sure that every employee in their company follow the data protection act with the information that they are given to store on a daily basis so that the business is a smooth running business.

The purpose of information retrieval is so that when a customer comes in and wants to see their information it will be on hand and easy to retrieve there and then, also if and inspector was to come into a business and ask to see some information that is not confidential and that has been stored recently the business would be able to bring it up within a couple of minutes if it is stored properly. Information that is not confidential can be retrieved for promotional offers, surveys, newsletters, monitoring and other research involving the business itself. Information may also be retrieved if there is a problem with insurance or something big involving the business so that it is all corrected.

Every business needs to store and retrieve information online or offline in order for the business to run smoothly. √
1.2- Describe different information systems and their main features Information systems are the collection of hardware and software and also data and procedures used by the people and organisations using the information storage and retrieval procedure. The information system has many jobs that make it important, some of these jobs include creating data, the collection of data, the processing of data, distributing data and retrieving data. These jobs are there for the information systems to make a business more efficient and effective. In the past there used to only be three different types of information systems which are the following: The transaction processing system- this system is used and is in charge of day to day business transactions. Different organisations have different types of transactions that take place on a daily basis. The main job of this processing system is the maintaining, adding, changing and the removal of various data. For example it places orders or businesses, it runs cheque deposits, placing orders, payroll systems, reservation systems, stock controls etc. This system is a main system in every business and it is used by the frontline staff. The decision support systems- this system is manly used to help managers when they are trying to make...
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