Job Application Letter: Support Analyst in Retail Credit Support

Topics: Management, Customer service, Learning, Business, Business school, Graduate school / Pages: 2 (344 words) / Published: May 1st, 2005
– Support Analyst: Retail Credit Support

Dear Recruitment Manager:

I have currently completed my final year of study doing a Bachelor of. I'm applying for the graduate Support Analyst position within the Retail Credit Support Department. Being an Information Systems graduate I believe my skills would be ideal for the position and organisation.

Through my studies I have completed several projects as a team leader that involved working in large groups. The least was to develop a database system and interactive system for the Community Legal Centre as part of a full year project. My responsibilities included coding, documentation, testing and general project management. Along with this I have participated in ‘Open Day 2002-03'.

While studying, I further developed my business and information technology experience by participating in various roles, namely my current employment within the N gaining experience as a customer service representative for personal and business customers, my voluntary 4 month term as a technical consultant and web developer at, and five years spent managing the family business. In each of the employment environments I gained a great amount of professional business acumen including working as part of teams in a diverse atmosphere and knowledge of the latest technologies in IT &T.

Lastly, my particular strengths lie in being a fast learner, pro-active, sociable and organised. I am not afraid of hard work and motivated to face new and different challenges. By gaining entry into the, I will strive to not only integrate these strengths but also broaden my skills and knowledge base. As my current employment is within a large financial institution I believe my skills and knowledge in the field would complement the role and allow me to further my skills.

Should you see my fitness for the graduate program or any other relevant positions; I hope that you will grant me an interview. Attached is my resume, which outlines my details and

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