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Level 3 in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Theory Assignment Task 1

In March 2007 I completed 25 years in the Royal Marines and within that period spent 18 years as an instructor and assessor within a number of specialist areas. These included Leadership and management and individual specialisation upgrade courses. Having left the Royal Marines and spent a short time as a salesman I started working at Cornwall College Business as a Trainer Consultant in August 2007. This job has predominantly entailed writing training programmes, delivery and assessment of Team Leader and First Line Management training to the Institute of Leadership and Management standards. I have also produced and delivered bespoke training to local businesses that has included customer service training, people management skills and time management. In addition to this I am an NVQ assessor and as such visit companies to view candidates in the workplace. I have found this extremely interesting especially the diversity of the organisations.

It has taken a little time to ‘acclimatise’ to the ‘civilian world’ and I found that although in the military students are volunteers, most possibly straight from school and have had to be there as part of their basic training I am finding that civilian companies and their employees are not necessarily motivated by the same thing. The main issue that I am having to deal with is the fact that the delegates are not necessarily volunteers, have not been in a classroom for some considerable number of years and have no clue as to why they need to be on a leadership or management course.

It is with this in mind that I have had to reassess my approach to the groups and try and gain the confidence of the delegates as quickly as possible without over stepping my position. I cannot stand behind the rank but have had to use my skill and judgement to promote the desire to learn and more importantly to encourage...
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