Japan vs United states

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The backbone of a country is always in its constitution. A constitution is a body of fundamental principles according to which a state is governed by. If I were to write a constitution for a large country with significant differences in the population, I would definitely use Britain’s constitution as my model. Britain is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy, which in my mind is a great system to create unity among the people. Although, Britain’s constitution is great in creating unity, there are some elements I would change in the constitution in order to better the country.

First of all, I would chose Britain’s constitution as my model for a new and large country with significant differences in population, because it creates unity. Since the tenth century Britain has had a constitutional monarchy. In present day the monarchy does not hold any real power, but holds so called reserved powers, which represent tradition more than anything. The element of monarchy in a constitution is crucial, in order to create unity among a large country with significant differences in population. The monarchy in Britain is something that all people see as the symbol of the state, which unites everybody despite having different government perspectives. The monarchy represents pride, honor, and tradition, which is essential to the constitution of a country where the population is divergent.

Although, Britain’s constitution is terrific in creating unity, there are some elements I would change in its constitution in order to make it more efficient and make the citizens feel more important. I would change the role of people in local elections. Britain tends to give little importance to local elections, because the local officials have limited power. In order to change this, I would install the system of caucuses to elect local officials. This would bring more importance to local elections. Also, it would boost public...
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