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Poli Sci Final

1. List and explain the four main features and functions of constitutions. Be sure to associate your answers with specific models from countries explored in this course.

According to the teaching of this course, some constitutions features and functions are Theories of government, humanity, society and God. When it comes down to it , constitutions are designed to prevent the government from doing unethical things to others like illegal search and seizure and unwarranted surveillance activities.

We all need protection from the government and ourselves in general. Constitutions that protect citizens of all races and sexual orientation should be equal and constitutions should be enacted to protect these rights and more.

Without constitutions some of our basic rights such as the right to vote or freedom of speech. When it comes religion and God, everyone should have the basic right to accept, engage and exercise in religious beliefs or on their behalf. Take for example, Brazil and Africa their constitution focuses on social rights, while The United Kingdom is rooted civil rights.

The US Constitution is a remarkable document. Too bad the US style of the constitution that deals with civil rights, but not social rights is the least popular kind of world constitution. It is amazing what others think.

We have a national government that has a legislative, executive and judicial branch that has a system of checks and balances within those three branches. There is also a division of power between the federal government and the states in general, right along with protecting citizens individual human rights.

2. Are political parties necessary in a democratic political system? Why or why not? Be sure to explicate your answer using precise examples from the countries considered in this course.

When it comes to political parties, they do indeed get a bad rap in more ways than one. They are concerned with power, and sometimes abuse the government while keeping a personal agenda as opposed to doing what is best for the public in general. Regardless whether you like them or not, today's democracy cannot be effective without political parties.

Competing in elections and encouraging citizens with a particular vision of what should be done, can be vital to shape a country's future in more ways than one.

If a political party fails its citizens, then the distrust is imminent to say the least. When there is mistrust, everything suffers in general. We know that interest aggregation occurs in different ways. Some states or countries have individual groups for aggregating interests. This is where political parties come into play. Our textbook states that political parties play an important role in interest aggregation in democratic, and nondemocratic systems.

Political parties can be direct links to their constituents. They take views of the people and share this information with government officials that have the authority to make decisions. Although, different countries have their respective interpretation of a political party.

For instance, Russia had one particular party and it is the Communist Party. There were no other parties period. The Communist Party dominated everything. From the media to the economy, right along with schools, courts and public institutions, this party dominated everything. I feel that without political parties, modern day democracy would be lost.

3. Most of the legislatures in the world are bicameral, reflecting the historical lineage of an upper house for the nobility and a lower house for the commoners. What purpose do bicameral legislatures serve today? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a system?

Fact: There is some type of legislative body that exist in most countries throughout the world. They may have a different name, but all have similar purposes as they deem fit.

Our notes tell us that...
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