Chapter 2 Chapter Questions 2

Topics: United States Constitution, James Madison, Articles of Confederation Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: April 3, 2015
Chapter 2 Chapter Questions

1. Explain the basic structure of the U.S. Constitution.

2. Discuss which political group had the most impact on the formation of the Constitution and why.

3. Explain Madison’s defense of the Constitution in Federalist No. 10.

1. The Constitution is when a country has both formal and informal limits and is the backbone of our American Government. It established our principles and rules set by our nation and is the work of an “American experiment” in self-governance it has also established democracy as we know today.

2. The federalist…the founders of this country had the same concepts

3. Madison argued that The Anti-Federalists responded that a central government so far away from the people could not be responsive to their needs. Constituencies would be too large for representatives to know their interests. They feared that the executive would come to dominate the other branches. Their greatest concern was the lack of protection for individual rights and liberties. Madison argued forcefully that the federal government would be limited exclusively to the powers outlined in the document and power to infringe on rights and liberties was not given. But that did not placate the Anti-Federalists and on this point the Federalists gave in, promising to add a Bill of Rights if the document was ratified, which they did in 1791. James Madison of Virginia was the principal author of the Virginia Plan, which was popular with the larger states. It called for a stronger central government than under the Articles and representation based upon population. Which seems to me like he was looking out for the best interest of the people.
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