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Yitian Xu
1. How important is IT to our success and survival? Are we missing opportunities that, if properly executed, would enable us to transform our company or industry? IT is one of the most important concerns of each organization and its role in the development and coordination of the market is inalienable. Why IT make success and survival in these different ways in this case:

l Trust establish to reduce uncertainty; Sanchalak Website. l Fair price and high quality products
l Clearly understand the value of eChoupal
l Maintaining the existing village structures
l Farmer's right to choose
l Transparent mechanism
l Improve the knowledge and skills
l New market
2. Are we prioritizing IT investments and targeting our development efforts in the right areas? Are we spending money efficiently and effectively? A pure trading product does not require much investment. The e-Choupal model, in contrast, has required that ITC make significant investments to create and maintain its own IT network in rural India and to identify and train a local farmer to manage each e-Choupal.

3. Are our IT and business leaders capable of defining and executing IT-enabled strategies? Have we opened an effective dialogue among business executives, IT executives, users, and partners?
The IT system has had a positive impact on people in terms of enhanced access to market, improved incomes, and increased bargaining power. It has also terminated the monopoly that traditional had before, where traders, agents and officers took advantage of their power to impose lower prices for the people products.

4. Does our IT platform enable our business to be both lean and agile? What percent-age of our IT-related activities are devoted to operating and maintaining “legacy” applications versus enabling business growth and strategy execution? From this case study we can know farmers can use the computer to access daily closing prices on local, as well as to track global...
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