Individual Paper WK #2-Information Use

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Week 2- Individual Paper
November 25, 2013

Week 2: Individual Paper
In order to produce results, information must be communicated and shared amongst an organization. This information can be shared in various ways such as verbal and technical communications. Information within an organization is used to comprehend the importance of the input and outputs of the business processes in such ways as collaborations of ideas, sharing of concepts, rules, regulations, and business processes. Every organization has data, files, business, and personal records. Organizations have become more reliant on technology. With this reliance comes a sense of dependence on technology for daily business operations, therefore it is very important that organizations protect their information because they can easily be exposed and vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The flow of information plays a major role in today’s business operations. Information can simply mean anything that has value to a company. In order for information to stay relevant in an organization it must rely on technology. All of the normal business operations need some sort of IT system to process the information in order for the business to operate efficiently and professionally. Having IT systems can save the organization valuable time in retrieving information. IT systems assist organizations from analyzing information, prevention of large-scale human error and decrease in inaccurate information. IT systems have assisted in the growth of many organizations by simply organizing vital and valuable information. If an organization wants to grow and excel, then it needs to embrace its information and its technology because it will be the key factor to its success. In my experience working for an international law firm I was able to see how well the firm organized its information. The firm used a document management system called Worksite to organize their information. This information was...

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