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  • Financial Market Integration

    Introduction In the field of financial securities‚ the integration concept has now become a crowding issue. Because due to the vast introduction of various securities the people are becoming‚ specially the investors and issuer of different securities‚ confused with various securities. They want all those items in a single place. Not only this‚ if the integration can be done in a real sense‚ there are variety of advantages with lower cost of dealing with those items. But to drive with those advantages

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  • Financial Markets and Market Risk Calculations

    sense is duration a measure of market risk? The market risk calculations are typically based on the trading portion of an FI’s fixed-rate asset portfolio because these assets must reflect changes in value as market interest rates change. As such‚ duration or modified duration provides an easily measured and usable link between changes in the market interest rates and the market value of fixed-income assets. 12. Bank of Ayers Rock’s stock portfolio has a market value of $10 000 000. The beta

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  • Financial markets

    EXCHANGE TRANSACTIONS WITH PRIMARY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS (4/4hs) 2.1. Organization of spot transactions on different stock exchanges Organizational forms of stock exchange trading‚ usually‚ depend on the general standing of securities market‚ especially on:  Market depth (the bigger is the number of investors‚ the deeper is the secondary market);  Market size (the higher is the supply and demand of securities‚ the more extended is the stock exchange market);  Resistance level (has

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  • focus points financial markets

    Financial Markets – Focus Points Since this is a very extensive course I have compiled a list of the most important subjects‚ those which you should place the greatest emphasis on when studying for the final exam. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and the final exam may include questions based on topics not directly mentioned below. This list should supplement the questions/problems from the practical sessions – which you should study carefully. Do not get intimidated by the number

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  • Financial Market

    to financial markets ------------------------------------------------- Essay questions 1. Direct finance: Surplus economic units lend their funds “direct” to deficit economic units which are the ultimate borrowers. Financial institutions may facilitate this process by providing financial services in return for fees and commissions. The financial assets issued by the deficit units are held by the surplus units. Indirect finance: Surplus economic units lend their funds to financial institutions

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  • Algorithmic Trading in the Financial Market

    ALGORITHMIC TRADING Algorithmic trading (also known as Black-box trading) refers to the use of automation for trading in financial markets. Simply put‚ it is computer-guided trading‚ where a program with direct market access can monitor the market and order trades when certain conditions are met. Earlier‚ the trading strategies were executed by humans but now it is majorly done by algorithms thus removing human emotion element in trading. Now‚ you may be thinking who uses this concept? Well‚

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  • Financial Markets

    Financial Markets Introduction 1 Financial Markets & Flow of Funds Financial Markets M k t Lenders Households Firms Governments Foreigners Borrowers Households Firms Governments Foreigners Financial Institutions Note that lenders are suppliers of funds (surplus units) while borrowers are demanders/users of funds (deficit units) 2 1 Flow of Funds Financial institutions perform the essential function of channeling funds from surplus units to deficit units. Agents (e.g. brokers)

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  • Financial Markets Approached by Game Theory

    Otman Javier Gordillo To what extent game theory is a helpful approach to the financial markets Game theory is the science that mathematically captures the behaviour of agents (humans‚ nations or animals) in strategic situations (when the individual success depends on the choices of others players). Before it‚ election choice was framed in the idea of individual election without interaction among agents‚ situation that biased social sciences’ analysis because in many cases‚ one agents’ response

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  • The Law of One Price in Financial Markets

    Summary Anomalies The Law of One Price in Financial Markets Owen A. Lamont and Richard H. Thaler The Law of One Price is an economic way of rational perspective to explain the expectation of price uniformity of a particular commodity or say any economics goods across national boundaries. The law tries to explain what a market price condition of a given goods should be‚ all things being equal‚ across global boundaries. This law will hold where every variable that

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  • Financial Markets in Pakistan

    Financial Markets in Pakistan A financial market is a place for buying and selling of financial securities such as stocks and bonds. It facilitates: * The raising of capital (in the capital markets) * The transfer of risk (in the derivatives markets * In matching those who want capital to those who have it. Financial Market in Pakistan consists of (i) Money Market which provides short term funds and (ii) Capital Market which makes long terms funds available to businesses and industries

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