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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ASSIGNMENT ON ALGORITHM Done by Densil Hamilton INTRODUCTION This Assignment was done to show the methods of algorithm. It outlines the meaning of algorithm and steps to be carried out to complete a give problem. Examples were also shown for the methods of representing algorithm. What is an Algorithm? An algorithm consists of a set of explicit and unambiguous finite steps which, when carried out for a given set of initial conditions, produce the...

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Algorithms and Flowcharts

Algorithm The term algorithm is often used to refer to the logic of a program It is a step-by step description of how to arrive at the solution of the given problem. It may be formally defined as a sequence of instructions, designed in a manner that, if the instructions are executed in the specified sequence, the desired results will be obtained. In order to qualify as an algorithm, a sequence of instructions must possess the following characteristics: Sample Algorithms 50 Students in a class...

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Algorithms Homework – Fall 2000 8.1-1 Using Figure 8.1 as a model, illustrate the operation of PARTITION on the array A = 13 19 9 5 12 8 7 4 11 2 6 21 i j  j 6 19 9 5 12 8 7 4 11 2 13 21 i  i j  j 6 2 9 5 12 8 7 4 11 19 13 21 ...

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Backtracking Algorithms

Chapter 7 Backtracking Algorithms Truth is not discovered by proofs but by exploration. It is always experimental. — Simone Weil, The New York Notebook, 1942 Objectives • • • • • • To appreciate how backtracking can be used as a solution strategy. To recognize the problem domains for which backtracking strategies are appropriate. To understand how recursion applies to backtracking problems. To be able to implement recursive solutions to problems involving backtracking. To comprehend the minimax...

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Adopt Algorithm

Adopt Algorithm for Distributed Constraint Optimization Pragnesh Jay Modi Information Sciences Institute & Department of Computer Science University of Southern California http://www.isi.edu/~modi Distributed Optimization Problem “How do a set of agents optimize over a set of alternatives that have varying degrees of global quality?” Examples l allocating resources l constructing schedules l planning activities Difficulties l No global control/knowledge l Localized communication l Quality...

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Computers Algorithms

translate it into machine language c. put the program into production, understand the problem d. code the program, translate it into machine language 11. The two most commonly used tools for planning a program’s logic are _____. a. flowcharts and algorithms b. ASCII and EBCDIC c. Java and Visual Basic d. word processors and spreadsheets 12. The most important task a programmer must do before planning the logic to a program is _____. a. decide which programming language to use b. code the problem ...

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Algorithm: Flowchart and Trailer Record

Student Name Syed Haseeb Hashmi Registration # FA11-BCS-075 Course Title Design and Analysis of Algorithm Assignment # 1 Submitted To Sir Tanveer Ahmed Siddiqui Due Date 19-03-2013 For Odd Role Number Group Q1. How does a flowchart help a programmer in a program development? Ans. Flowcharts provide the visual representation of a concept and make it clear. A flow chart serves...

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Fundamentals of Programming with Algorithms and Logic.

Fundamentals of programming with algorithms and logic Benjamin Sigala April 5, 2010 Computer programs are a form of language written out processes that carry out different tasks. Like human society there are different languages and different ways of speaking that language, the same goes for software design. There are three basic types...

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Saving's Algorithm

Wright's Savings Algorithm Jens Lysgaard (translated by Michael M. Sørensen) Department of Management Science and Logistics The Aarhus School of Business Fuglesangs Allé 4 DK-8210 Aarhus V September 1997 1. Introduction. In 1964 Clarke & Wright published an algorithm for the solution of that kind of vehicle routing problem, which is often called the classical vehicle routing problem. This algorithm is based on a so-called savings concept. This note briefly describes the algorithm and demonstrates...

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Hybrid Fuzzy Rule Based Classification Algorithm

HYBRID FUZZY RULE BASED CLASSIFICATION ALGORITHM Introduction 1.1 Purpose The purpose of this document is to design a strategy for hybrid fuzzy rule base classification algorithm using the weka tool. This document outlines the functional requirements for hybrid fuzzy rule based classification algorithm. This document discusses the project’s goals and parameters, while giving descriptions about the potential design issues. The requirements are specified according to the finished product. 1.2...

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