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Graph Theory

V. Adamchik 1 Graph Theory Victor Adamchik Fall of 2005 Plan 1. Basic Vocabulary 2. Regular graph 3. Connectivity 4. Representing Graphs Introduction A.Aho and J.Ulman acknowledge that “Fundamentally, computer science is a science of abstraction.” Computer scientists must create abstractions of real-world problems that can be represented and manipulated in a computer. Sometimes the process of abstraction is simple. For example, we use a logic to design a computer circuits. Another example - scheduling...

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Graph Theory

connected graph G, a spanning graph of G that is a tree is called a spanning tree. A spanning tree for an undirected graph G = (V,E) is a graph G’ = (V,E’) such that G’ is a tree. In other words, G’ has the same set of vertices, but edges have been removed from E so that the resulting graph is a tree. This amounts to saying that G’ is acyclic. If G is directed, it means that cycles have been removed. Since a tree with |V| vertices has |V|-1 edges, to generate a spanning tree of a connected graph G having...

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Traffic Load Report

total saturation of the serial link. Capture this DES Graphs window () and paste it (V) into your lab document. Paste the DES Graphs Window showing 100% utilization here. Set up the graphs as shown using Stacked Statistics this time. Note that the Utilization is slightly less than 100% and the packets/sec value is 100 packets/sec. Capture this DES Graphs window () as shown below and paste (V) it into your lab document. Paste the DES Graphs Windows showing slightly less than 100% Utilization...

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Euler and Hamiltonian Circuits

and Hamiltonian Circuits. An Euler Circuit is a circuit that reaches each edge of a graph exactly once. (Malkevitch, 8) This theory is named after Leonhard Euler, an outstanding mathematician during the 18th century. Euler had been the first person to study this category of circuits. In addition, he was the creator of the theory of graphs, or graph theory. One of the many things he had found was that most graphs do not have an Euler circuit at all. Euler had also contributed to the field of mathematics...

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Graph Theory & Small Networks

treated all complex networks as being completely random. This theory had its roots in the work of two mathematicians, Paul Erdos and Alfred Renyi. Their work suggested that systems such as communications could be effectively modelled by connecting nodes with randomly placed links. Their simple approach revitalised graph theory and led to the emergence of the field of random networks. An important prediction of random network theory is regardless of the random placement of links most nodes will...

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PK 1 Experimental Errors and Uncertainty RPT

Plot a graph <y> versus t (plot t on the abscissa, i.e., x-axis).  Results 2: Task 3. Plot a graph <y> versus t2 (plot t2 on the abscissa, i.e., x-axis). The equation of motion for an object in free fall starting from rest is y = ½ gt2, where g is the acceleration due to gravity. This is the equation of a parabola, which has the general form y = ax2.  Results 3: Task 4. Determine the slope of the line and compute an experimental value of g from the slope value. Remember, the slope of this graph represents...

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Ib Math Ia Sl Portfolio

reader will not need to refer to the list of questions in order to understand my work. • My responses are not numbered. • I have an introduction, conclusion, title page, and table of contents. • All graphs are labeled – Each graph has a title, labeled axes, and appropriate scale. • My graphs and tables are within the body of my work. They are not separate or in an appendix. • I have explained why I made the choices I did when going through the task. • I did not include key stroke sequences...

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Damped Harmonic Motion Lab Report

a calculated frequency, that being 7.252 Hz. Four trials—each with a different sized, same massed object—took place where the object was pulled and allowed to rise and fall, while a sonic ranger motion sensor graphed the object’s position. The graphs created were transferred into Igor Pro, where a non-linear fit was created. From this fit, the damping constant of the object’s motion was given, and the effect of air resistance on the object was determined. A relationship was discovered between...

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Wireless Network and Contention Free Period

because collisions decrease by using free contention free period. However, although the load was lower in DCF_PCF_Frag than this on DCF_PCF but the throughput was higher because of retransmission of fragments during collisions. From these four graphs we can see that using PCF network resulted in even higher delay in the nodes that does not enable PCF. Furthermore, PCF networks reduced the number of retransmission even in the nodes without PCF enabled as PCF networks decrease the collisions and...

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the Department of Psychology, International Islamic University Malaysia, Semester 2, 2013/2014. Abstract This paper is a report on an experiment conducted with the aim to find out whether the value of difference threshold is equal to the proposed theory of Weber’s law. This present paper is also interested in investigating on the extent to which the threshold may occur. The difference threshold in this study is determined by using the basic idea of Weber’s law in which the constant is 0.02. Thirteen...

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