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“cut-throat” competition. Automation of one’s point of sale and inventory system puts you a step ahead in the game. It helps you conduct business transactions with ease as you only have to press a few keys. It liberates you from countless paper works as computation of the day’s sale and keeping track of inventory are done automatically. With these things in mind, the proponents hopes that upon completion of this Proposed Point of Sale and Inventory System, will find it of great...

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Point and Evidence Paragraph

Body: Each of your supporting points in your defense will need a paragraph. State your point as a way of creating a topic sentence for an evidence paragraph. You'll need at least three and probably no more than five. Each evidence paragraph should have specific support by way of facts, statistics, examples, or other details. You may use personal example as some of your supporting detail, but try to use more objective support as well. Body: Each of your supporting points in your defense will need a...

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Point Illustration Explanation and Its Benefits

misplaced modifier, PIE, commas, i.e./e.g., entry points/ strategies, active vs. passive verbs, and not using ‘you’ in academic writing and more but what stood out to me the most was PIE. Every topic I learned in this class will be in use toward my major but mostly in future papers. This semester, I learned point illustration explanation (PIE) in my writing skills which will be valuable in my future college papers. The topic that stood to me the most was point illustration explanation (PIE). PIE makes...

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Life and Turning Point

Turning points are dramatic events in a person’s life that can have a negative and positive effect on the individual. A turning point in my life that was very significant was my grandmother’s death. My grandmother’s death made me realize that life is too short to live constantly in a state of negativity. I also realized that I have to live life to the fullest while I am here. And last but not least, her death made me realize how fragile life is and it’s not to be taken for granted. My grandmother’s...

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If I Stay Power Point

in life is nice and easy.” Mia lost her parents and brother. Mia has to make a decision between life and death. Mia got into a big car accident that put her in a coma. Point of View This book is told in the point of view of first person. Mia tells the story through her own eyes. The author also says “I” and “we”. The point of view of this story helps the reader understand how Mia feels and shows us what she sees through her own eyes. If the author were to chose third-person omniscient, then the...

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Purity and Purification of Solids--Melting Points

THE PURITY AND PURIFICATION OF SOLIDS MELTING POINTS ABSTRACT Melting points of different mixtures of naphthalene and biphenyl were examined in this lab. Samples of these various mixtures were collected and tested by different individuals in the lab in order to find the eutectic point of biphenyl. Unknown substances were then tested using the mixture melting point method in order to determine their identities. INTRODUCTION The melting point of a solid is the temperature where the substance...

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Character and Point of View in “The Red Convertible”

Character and Point of View in “The Red Convertible” “The Red Convertible” is a short story by Louis Erdrich, in which two native American brothers named Marty and Henry decide to buy a red convertible Oldsmobile together. The two brothers spend much of the summer travelling around together in the car until the older brother, Stephan, is deployed to Vietnam. When Stephan returns, he is not the same and Marty tries desperately to recover their past relationship. The round, static, perseverant character...

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Freezing point and melting point

 Title Freezing and Melting Point Objectives 1. To gain proficiency in constructing a graph and plotting data points. 2. To determine the freezing points of a compound from the graph of decreasing temperature versus time. 3. To determine the melting points of a known and unknown compound. Introduction Physical changes are the changes in the physical properties of a substance (Moore, Stanitski & Jurs, 2009). Freezing point is the fixed temperature at which a pure liquid converted into...

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point of sale system

ways to accomplish tedious task. The company needs an effective and accurate computerized point of sale system that will enable them to assure their revenue and will provide accurate and detailed sales reports. A Point of sale (POS) system is where a retail transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to a cashier in exchange for goods or services. The project ‘Computerized Point of Sale System’ will enable the company to have the control over their transactions, and...

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Melting Point

Mixture Melting Points Abstraction Determining the melting point is very significant in order to identify an unknown. In this experiment, measuring the melting point was done by using melting point apparatus. The melting point of the unknown sample #10 was 111.5˚C. There were two possible compounds which were dibenzoyl ethylene and o-Toluic acid because their melting points were 111.2˚C and 109.8˚C when each compound was mixed with the unknown. Therefore, the unknown #10 was dibenzoyl ethylene...

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