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Topics: Newspaper, Advertising, Television Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Question: Prepare creative strategy for Sun Chips/ AIUB/ i-Phone? Answer: The creative strategy for Sun Chips can be-
TV Commercial: For sun chips TVC will be the most effective strategy to introduce in the market. The TVC should be shown in the television in perfect time when their target customers are available. Mostly kids are the target customer for chips so the advertising should be shown in TV after their school time and play time in the evening. •Radio: To grab customer attention secondly radio can be very effective. Now-a-days most of the people listen radio for time pass. If sun chips give ad in radio not only it will reach to their target customer also to the other customer like teenager who listen radio most of the time they can have sun chips as a snack. •Newspaper: Giving ads in newspaper can be another useful source for advertising. Almost everyone have a habit to read newspaper. Colorful funny ads in newspaper can attract kids. •Billboard: Ads in billboard is another way of advertising. The places where schools are available advertiser can give ads of Sun Chips and which is easily visible to all. •Print Media: Give ads using poster can be effective to attract customers. The advertiser can paste the colorful poster to introduce the product and it will be also cost effective. •Packaging: The packaging of the Sun Chips needs to be colorful and attractive enough so that it can grab kid’s attention to buy. •Sample: Free sample can give to the kids for promotion or give free toys while buying the chips it will help to attract the kids to buy Sun Chips. •Contest: Sun Chips manufacturer can arrange a quiz contest for kids every week like give some questions answers and win gift hamper like sports kits or toys it will help to enhance the customer. •Coupons: Give coupons through newspaper collect coupons as much as can show it to the shopkeeper and get free Sun Chips. This kind of promotion can easily grab customer attention.
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