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The purpose of both crisp packets are to inform and persuade. The features of the crisp packets, such as the way they are designed or the text used, are bait for potential buyers.

To start with text 24 shows the crisp packet "Salty Dog", at first look you can see this is quite an alternative crisp packet, with a striking design for the bag. Furthermore, a second feature that catches your eye is how they have made it clear of its generous 50g serving, which is bigger than the average crisp packet. But, as said before, the actual look of the bag is what would attract the attention of a buyer, that would lead them to look at the packet in further detail.

The slogan "That bites back" personifies the crisps , and it just 'fits', for example it goes hand in hand which the cartoon of the playful mutt on the front, this leads you to view this brand as quite a quirky and full of character. It is also a good way to swerve customers from buying a different brand, as the slogan connotates that they have real flavour and character unlike regular crisps. This slogan is also an example of Sound Patterning, captivating the reader and in a way reassures the customer at the same time that the crisps are particularly good. In addition to this sound pattern there is another on the front of the packet which states "Cooked Crisps". Alliteration is used to attract potential buyers, and with 'C' being quite a harsh sounding letter rather than one that rolls off the tongue, it causes the crisps to have a real character and rhythm.

Moving on to the back of the crisp packet, I believe a significant marketing aspect has to be the joke. This will have a positive effect on who reads it, and uses colloquial lexis to achieve a friendly character.

Secondly, text 23 is also a crisp packet designed by the company Jonathan Crisp, this particular flavour is Jalapeno Pepper.
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