How Can It Help the Environment to Eat Less Meat?

Topics: Pollution, Carbon dioxide, Agriculture Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: December 16, 2012
How can it help the enviroment to eat less meat?
We all know about the big problems in our enviroment. We pollute too much and do too less against global warming. Everybody can take part of improving this big problem, but only a few people do it, even though there are so many different ways. One thing is our consumption, but how can we help the enviroment with eating less meat?

The meat industry is one of the main polluter in the world. It begins with the culture of the animals, who are unexceptional furnisher for meat. Just for this using they are cultured, what is associated with much polluting. For the structure and installation for keeping animals many forests are cutted down, what means there are less plants to transform carbon dioxide to dioxygen. To feed a vegetarian, you need 20 times less acreage. The animal husbandry is associated with producing much food for these animals, for one kilo of meat you need 7 kilos of food, what is pretty much, so there are again less crops for doing photosynthesis. Cows are farting, it's a fact, so there is more methane in the air.

For producing one kilo of meat, you need 15.500l of water, with this amount you could shower for a whole year. From one town to another, for slaughter, working up, packaging, and driving the products to the supermarkets, these transports are emmiting much carbon dioxide, useless pollution of the air, simply for eating a steak. But when the food arrives at the supermarket, it is not the end. The refrigeration and the light have an impact on the enviroment, it is an immense pollution to produce the refrigerators and the lamps, and also the elictricity is dangerous. Many elictricity is won from eviromentally damaging factories or in the worst case from nuclear power stations. The nuclear energy is controversial, because the rubbish of these stations has a very long radioactive half-life and no one really knows where to desposit the containers so it pollutes the enviroment enormously. An also...
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