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  • uranium

    The Uranium Question Geography Uranium is a mineral like no other. Urainum it has been responsible for the death of millions‚ but also for the benefit of millions. In today’s world‚ uranium is at the forefront of many controversies such as nuclear power plant failures‚ such as in Tokyo‚ and the worry over nuclear bombs being developed in the Middle East and North Korea. As the second largest producer of uranium in the world‚ Canada must play an active role in discussions about uranium. The

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  • uranium

    Uranium 00•Uranium is a very heavy metal which can be used as an abundant source of concentrated energy. •Uranium occurs in most rocks in concentrations of 2 to 4 parts per million and is as common in the Earth’s crust as tin. Uranium occurs in seawater‚ and can be recovered from the oceans. 571508953500•Uranium was discovered in 1789 by Martin Klaproth‚ a German chemist‚ in the mineral called pitchblende. It was named after the planet Uranus‚ which had been discovered eight years earlier.

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  • Uranium Mining

    Uranium mining and its effects on the environment is a major concern today. Although uranium can be helpful‚ there are risks that have a negative impact on the health of humans‚ animals; as well as effects on air‚ soil and water. Uranium is a hard‚ dense‚ malleable‚ silver-white‚ radioactive metal which can be used as an abundant source of concentrated energy. Uranium is a naturally occurring element found in low levels within rock‚ soil‚ air and water. It is the highest numbered element to be

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  • Pros And Cons Of Uranium Mining In Australia

    negatives of uranium mining in Australia‚ to gain a deeper understand of Australia’s mining industry. Also to gain a understanding of what effects uranium mining can have on the people of Australia and to see what benefits it could have on Australia as a part of the world wide community. Report- In 2013 on the 7th of December uranium mine surrounded by‚ but separate from Kakadu National Park‚ 230 km east of Darwin. In the northern territory‚ at the Rio Tinto uranium mine had a uranium spill when

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  • Uranium Saltss Lab Report

    Henri Becquerel became the first to discover radioactivity‚ gamma rays‚ and alpha and beta particles by studying uranium and other radioactive materials. Becquerel believed that Uranium phosphoresced‚ or absorbed energy from the sun and then emitted it in the form of light and radiation. He tested this by leaving Uranium salts‚ or potassium uranyl sulfate‚ in the sun for several hours and then leaving it‚ along with a coin‚ on a photographic plate. A photographic plate was used as an early photograph

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  • Nuclear Beauty: The Uranium Story

    Nuclear Beauty: The Uranium Story Uranium one of about 118 elements on our great periodic table. It is the 92nd element in the Periodic Tale and it can be found on the last group on the periodic table‚ or period 7. Its element symbol is U‚ with an atomic mass of 92; A Molar Mass of 238.028910‚ and 92 electrons as well as protons and a total of 6 valance electrons. Its melting point is 2‚070 degrees Fahrenheit (1‚132 degrees Celsius‚ or 1405.372 K) and with a boiling point of 7‚468 degrees Fahrenheit

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  • The Impact Of Uranium, By Martin K. Radon

    Uranium‚ a very large natural metal which has been used for 60 years as a concentrated energy‚ was discovered by Martin K Laproth‚ German chemist‚ in 1789. Uranium was named after planet Uranus‚ which had been found eight years before. According to Lee Soo Ann (1968)‚ uranium is generally known as ‘yellowcake’. About 6.6 billion years ago‚ uranium was created in the supernovae and provides heat for the earth (Wyoming Mining Association‚ 2000). Uranium can be found in soil‚ water‚ air and in resources

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  • Research Paper on Uranium

    called depleted uranium. Many people ask why we still use it and haven’t tried to replace it. The military actually has done research on alternative alloys‚ but have not found anything comparable. It may have health risks and cause environmental problems. These are counter acted though by its multiple uses that it fills. These uses are found in airplanes‚ ammunition‚ and armor. Depleted uranium‚ also known as DU‚ is a by-product of the uranium enrichment process. Natural uranium is composed of three

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  • Science: Uranium and Human Living Places

    6. Science‚ which brought a great change in human life‚ is not only the reason for the development of the world but also a major cause for the pollution and other causes that might lead to the destruction of the world. Though the study of science has brought many new inventions into our sight‚ they are more harmful than they are useful to the human world. For instance‚ the invention of Nuclear Power. I accept that Nuclear Power has many uses‚ but of it may lead to a huge destruction. The radiations

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  • Uranium Poem

    called Uranium That just can’t be beat From preserving our food To giving us heat This place called Uranium Helps us people a lot Even though it is tiny‚ Much smaller than a dot If you’ve never heard of Uranium Well‚ you’re in for a treat So just sit back‚ relax And I’ll tell you something neat About this place called Uranium That’s really pretty cool In fact it’s much like your Town‚ church‚ or school There are a couple things though That you’ll have to get used to Before you understand Uranium And

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