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Livestock or Livelihood? Since the very first cattle set ‘hoof’ on Australian shores there have always been farmers to look after them, to drove them, to take them to market and to sustain the Australian farmers livelihood as well as the cattle’s wellbeing. Not only does this process maintain the farmers’ lifestyle, but it keeps the economy strong and the beef market up and running. It is for these reasons that sixth generation cattle farmer John Herbert believes the cattle market should be staying...

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Livestock Farm Development

ii. Execution: PPP & Livestock & Dairy Development (L&DD),Govt. of the Punjab, Pakistan 4. Background Punjab, being a thickly populated (in animal and human) province of Pakistan is contributing more than 60 % in agro-livestock based economic growth at national level.. Livestock & Dairy sector is the main segment of agro-economy playing a key role in providing major source of animal protein in shape of milk, meat and eggs to the consumers. In 2010-11 livestock constituted 11.5 % of...

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Constraints in Livestock Sector in Pakistan

Constraints in livestock sector in Pakistan LIVESTOCK IS an important sector in agriculture. It represents 52.2 per cent of agricultural value added and contributes 11 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Some 30-35 million rural people depend directly or indirectly on livestock f or their livelihood. It has potential to absorb more rural labour to reduce rural poverty if proper attention is given to this sector. Pakistan is proud to be the f if th largest milk producer in the world. In...

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The Graet Livestock Massacre

The Navajo Livestock Reduction aka “The great livestock massacre” This memoir, by Chester Nez, captures the tradition of the Navajo people. One of the original 29 Code Talkers, this is not only a historical novel, but it is a thoughtful account of the spirit of his people. The triumphs and tragedies captured are sure to be appreciated by the reader. In chapter 8 of the memoir, Chester Nez tells us about a program implemented in the 1930’s. The federal government decided that the Navajo Nation...

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Inhumane Treatment of Livestock in James Agee's "A Mother's Tale"

Inhumane Treatment of Livestock in James Agee’s “A Mother’s Tale” In “A Mother’s Tale” by James Agee, a calf poses questions to his mother. “What is it? What are they doing? Where are they going?” (1) The mother can only answer her calf’s questions with a legend passed down about ‘The One Who Came Back’. At the time of this publication, there was a public outcry for the humane treatment of livestock meant for slaughter. President Dwight D. Eisenhower stated, “If I went by mail, I’d think no one...

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Intensive Livestock Operations in Industrial Agriculture: The True Cost of Cheap Food in North America

results in the farming practices of confined animal feeding. Intensive livestock operations or confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are farms in which anywhere from several hundred to several thousand animals are being raised in tremendously condensed spaces for the commercial production of poultry, meat and dairy. The Swiss College of Agriculture defines “industrial systems [as having] livestock densities larger than 10 livestock units per hectare, and they depend primarily on outside supplies of...

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Temple Grandin

Gleidys Reyes ENGL 1010-307 Professor Mowry Research Essay 4/9/11 Temple Granding Topic Sentence: Temple Grandin is an autistic scientist, inventor and writer who was born to revolutionize the handling of livestock and the understanding of autism. I. Three different stages in her life A. Childhood B. College Education C. Professional career II. Difficulties with autism during childhood D. Symptoms of autism E. Her mother’s efforts to help her ...

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cattle industry

1 poultry, India has the largest livestock sector in the world. Animal husbandry, being an integral part of the Gross Domestic Product, comprised 4 of the GDP and 26 of the agricultural GDP. Generating outputs worth Livestock Rs 2075 billion (at 2004-05 prices) in 2010-11, the total output worth was higher than the value of food grains. Livestock sector plays an important role in socio-economic development of rural households. Over the last two decades, livestock sector has grown at an annual rate...

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effects of drought on farm production

Effects of drought on farm production and livestock holdings 5. The main direct effects of drought on the farming sector are summarised in Figure 1. The most immediate consequence of drought is a fall in crop production, due to inadequate and poorly distributed rainfall. Farmers are faced with harvests that are too small to both feed their families and fulfill their other commitments. Livestock sales act as a buffer in times of hardship, farmers disinvesting in these assets to buy food. The first...

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Maasai Culture

mud, sticks, grass, cow dung and urine, and ash. The enkaji is small, measuring about 3m x 5m and standing only 1.5m high. Within this space the family cooks, eats, sleeps, socializes and stores food, fuel and other household possessions. Small livestock are also often accommodated within the enkaji. Villages are enclosed in a circular fence (Enkang) built by the men, usually of thorned Acacia. At night all cows and goats are placed in an enclosure in the center, safe from wild animals. The central...

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