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  • livestock in ethiopia

    PERFORMANCE OF LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION IN ETHIOPIA i Abstract The study has analyzed the current performance and problems in the livestock sector of Ethiopia‚ a country endowed with a huge livestock resources and animal genetic diversity. The main purpose of the study is to show that the livestock sector has a huge capacity to develop and contribute to the Ethiopian economy if given more attention and exploited appropriately. The conclusion of the study is that‚ although livestock is substantially

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  • Livestock Farm Development

    ii. Execution: PPP & Livestock & Dairy Development (L&DD)‚Govt. of the Punjab‚ Pakistan 4. Background Punjab‚ being a thickly populated (in animal and human) province of Pakistan is contributing more than 60 % in agro-livestock based economic growth at national level.. Livestock & Dairy sector is the main segment of agro-economy playing a key role in providing major source of animal protein in shape of milk‚ meat and eggs to the consumers. In 2010-11 livestock constituted 11.5 % of

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  • Breeds of Livestock and Poultry

    Republic of the Philippines University of Southeastern Philippines College of Agriculture and Related Sciences Brgy.Pindasan‚ MabiniCompostela Valley Province Name: Section: 1A5 Subject:AN SCI 1Alab Instructor: Mayren D. Cruiz Laboratory exercise # 9 Breeds of Poultry Animals I. Introduction: Poultry have been on the earth for over 150 million years‚ dating

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  • The Livestock Industry of Pakistan

    The Livestock Industry of Pakistan Overview of Livestock in Pakistan * Livestock plays an important role in the economy of Pakistan and in the rural socio-economic system * 30-40% of income of more than 35 million rural population comes from livestock production activities * The livestock sector contributed 50% of the agriculture value added and 11% to National GDP in 2006-07 * Eight percent of total exports derived from livestock and livestock products * Pakistan possesses some

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  • Livestock Fed Persuasive Essay

    antibiotics that are the cause of many of the superbugs in the news lately. There is a lot of controversy around the use of antibiotics in livestock and the risks or benefits of using it‚ but for the most part the risks outweigh the benefits. Our large corporate ranch in northwestern Montana should not use antibiotics in our feed because most of it wouldn’t help the livestock anyway‚ antibiotics are already over used‚ and there is a growing market for antibiotic free meat. The use of antibiotics is potentially

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  • National Livestock Development Policy

    NATIONAL LIVESTOCK DEVELOPMENT POLICY 1. Introduction Livestock plays an important role in the national economy of Bangladesh with a direct contribution of 2.95% percent to the agricultural GDP (Bangladesh Economic Review‚ 2006) and providing 15 percent of total employment in the economy. The livestock sub-sector that includes poultry offers important employment and livelihood opportunities particularly for the rural poor‚ including the functionally landless‚ many of whom regard livestock as a

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  • Constraints in Livestock Sector in Pakistan

    Constraints in livestock sector in Pakistan LIVESTOCK IS an important sector in agriculture. It represents 52.2 per cent of agricultural value added and contributes 11 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Some 30-35 million rural people depend directly or indirectly on livestock f or their livelihood. It has potential to absorb more rural labour to reduce rural poverty if proper attention is given to this sector. Pakistan is proud to be the f if th largest milk producer in the world. In

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  • Effects of Climatic Elements on Livestock Production

    EFFECTS OF CLIMATIC ELEMENTS ON LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION SALAMI‚ Saheed Ayodeji University of Ilorin‚ Ilorin‚ Nigeria. INTRODUCTION Climatic elements have direct effect on the system of animal production‚ body physiology and animal behaviour‚ feed supply and quality‚ proliferation of pests and parasites as well as preservation of animal products (Samson et al.‚ 2011) A number of climatic elements such as temperature‚ rainfall‚ humidity‚

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  • Should We Continue To Feed Antibiotics To Livestock?

    U.S. are given to poultry and livestock” (National Geographic: Should We Continue to Feed Antibiotics to Livestock?‚ 2015). Knowing the threatening consequences of antibiotic resistance‚ why are antibiotics given to cattle? The majority of the nation pays no attention to how antibiotics in cattle contributes to antibiotic resistance in people. Antibiotic use in animals is used to prevent diseases or to treat diseases. Another reason to give antibiotics to livestock‚ is for growth.

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  • Statement Of Purpose: How Will Your Career Choice Assist Livestock?

    How will your career choice assist livestock? (Please explain in an essay 150 words or less) I am going to be a veterinary technician. As a vet tech I will not be in charge of a farm but making sure other people’s livestock stay healthy. This is crucial because without healthy livestock diseases can spread quickly and not only harm and kill a single person’s livelihood but other farms within close proximity to the infected animals. Animals that are infected are limited or can not probuse to their

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