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  • Cattle

    LABORATORY EXERCISE no. 1 Breed of Ducks I. OBJECTIVES: * To be able to know the different breed of cattle and their characteristics and importance. II. MATERIALS * Pencil * Ruler * Bond paper * Reference book * Ballpen III. GUIDE QUESTIONS: 1. What do you think is the most profitable way of raising cattle? Ans: I think maybe making money in cattle comes down to either extreme of pasture. Meaning‚ either you have a butt load of marginal land that you turn

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  • Cattle Industry Analysis

    Hollywood movies and novels‚ and because of extensive treatment of cattle drives in fiction and film‚ the cowboy became the worldwide iconic image of the American West. Through this section‚ I learned Spanish word “vaquero‚” which was the English translation of “cowboy” and that means a person who managed cattle while mounted on horseback. I researched the history of cattle industry in California‚ how people developed the economy in Cattle Drive era. In this journal 2‚ also I further studied their cultural

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  • Cattle Industry Expansion

    The cattle industry started to see substantial growth around the 1860s. This growing industry provided new opportunities and endless possibilities to people in the South‚ as they began taking over new lands in the West and creating cow towns. Many Indian tribes were displaced from their native lands so they could be used for the cattle trade. This caused conflicts between white Americans and the Indian people. By expanding the railroad systems westward and forcing Indian tribes to leave their land

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  • Sperm Sexing Cattle

    Sperm Sexing In Cattle Sperm sexing is an area of bovine reproduction technology which is utilised to improve and increase farm productivity by taking advantage of the difference in the value of males and females in the dairy and beef industry. It is a useful and accurate application in which the desired X- or Y- bearing chromosome is sorted and stored in a straw for later use. Selection of the desired sex is a potential determining factor to increase the genetic progress and farmer profitability

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  • Limousin Cattle

    Limousin (cattle) From Wikipedia‚ the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation‚ search Limousin Limousin cow Country of origin France Distribution World-wide (about 70 countries) Use High yielding production of lean beef. Also crossbreeding. Traits Weight Male: 1‚000–1‚100kg   Female: 650-700kg Coat Light wheat to darker golden-red. Black Limousins also bred. Cattle Bos (primigenius) taurus Limousin cattle are a breed of highly muscled beef cattle originating from the Limousin and Marche regions of

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  • history of the cattle industry

    Evan Jodlowski December 3‚ 2014 Ag Marketing-Steve Wolf Optional Essay History of the Beef Cattle Market From the very beginning when settlers brought longhorn cattle to America‚ beef cattle have been a major source of protein in the United States. Cattle have always been a favorite of mine to work with‚ having worked on a successful beef farm for five years now. I wanted to explore the history of the market and how the market has gone from a farmer buying 600 cows for $5400 in 1867(history on

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  • Domesticated Cattle Research Paper

    Intro: Cattle‚ formally known as cows‚ are the most common type of large domesticated farm animal. Cows provide people with meat‚ milk‚ and leather. They have been useful animals since human existence. Cows have four stomachs‚ which allows them to take nutrition out of the variety of habitats they eat from. Habitat: Domesticated cattle in America - the female heifers and cows‚ and male bulls and steers - also including the bison and oxen‚ often live in the grasslands. Most of their day is spent

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  • Dairy Cattle Production

    Dairy Cattle Production is an important concept in the daily lives of many Americans. We consume more dairy products than any other product every year. The average American consumes 600.5 lbs of dairy products each year not including cheese. Cheese alone we consume around 31.5 lbs a year. Within the 600.5 lbs 181 lbs is milk beverages alone. There are around 60‚000 dairy farms in the United States. Each herd containing about 135 cows. That means there are around 9 million dairy cows in the United

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  • Cattle Raised In Feedlot Essay

    that raising cattle in a feedlot is inhumane. The truth of the matter is that feedlots are necessary in order to provide the world with the beef it is demanding. Cattle are usually raised on pasture for the first 12-18 months of their life. After this time they are moved to a feedlot for anywhere from 3-6 months. This time in the feedlot is allowed for the animal to reach market weight. Misconceptions are that cattle raised in feedlots are not cared for properly‚ however these cattle are fed a high

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  • Cattle Industry Analysis Paper

    The cattle industry exists in an ever growing dynamic contemporary world. Each year there are new technologies and possibilities. There are various opportunities in the upcoming years for cattlemen including niche markets‚ improved genetic data tracking and reproduction techniques‚ innovative communication‚ and global exports. As a young cattle-woman‚ I am confident my generation will make a lasting impact on the cattle industry‚ and I plan to be a part of that movement. Niche markets are a growing

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