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LABORATORY EXERCISE no. 1 Breed of Ducks I. OBJECTIVES: * To be able to know the different breed of cattle and their characteristics and importance. II. MATERIALS * Pencil * Ruler * Bond paper * Reference book * Ballpen III. GUIDE QUESTIONS: 1. What do you think is the most profitable way of raising cattle? Ans: I think maybe making money in cattle comes down to either extreme of pasture. Meaning, either you have a butt load of marginal land that you turn...

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The Cattle Kingdom

1-The Cattle Kingdom Cattle ranching was important in the West’s changing economy. The open range provided a place where herds could graze free of charge with no boundaries. Mexican ranchers were the ones who developed the techniques and equipment that was later used by all ranchers and cowboys, including branding, roping saddles, chaps, spurs and roundups. Texas had the largest herds of cattle and their cattle came from good Spanish stock, as well as small muscular broncos or mustangs suited to...

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cattle industry

With around 56.7 of worlds buffaloes, 12.5 cattle, 1.5 pigs and 3.1 poultry, India has the largest livestock sector in the world. Animal husbandry, being an integral part of the Gross Domestic Product, comprised 4 of the GDP and 26 of the agricultural GDP. Generating outputs worth Livestock Rs 2075 billion (at 2004-05 prices) in 2010-11, the total output worth was higher than the value of food grains. Livestock sector plays an important role in socio-economic development of rural households. Over...

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Limousin Cattle

 Limousin (cattle) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Limousin Limousin cow Country of origin France Distribution World-wide (about 70 countries) Use High yielding production of lean beef. Also crossbreeding. Traits Weight Male: 1,000–1,100kg   Female: 650-700kg Coat Light wheat to darker golden-red. Black Limousins also bred. Cattle Bos (primigenius) taurus Limousin cattle are a breed of highly muscled beef cattle originating from the Limousin and Marche regions...

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Is Feeding Corn to Beef Cattle Harmful?

1. Augustine Lorie Augustine September 19, 2011 English 122 Corn is it hurting our livestock Corn is commonly used as feed grain in beef cattle diets throughout the United States. Cows see very little grass now days in their life span. They supported with the diet of corn which causes them to become fat and bloated and become depended on antibiotic. The drug causes the cows to developed liver damages. So if it causes health risk to the cows imagine what it does to our health ...

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history of the cattle industry

Evan Jodlowski December 3, 2014 Ag Marketing-Steve Wolf Optional Essay History of the Beef Cattle Market From the very beginning when settlers brought longhorn cattle to America, beef cattle have been a major source of protein in the United States. Cattle have always been a favorite of mine to work with, having worked on a successful beef farm for five years now. I wanted to explore the history of the market and how the market has gone from a farmer buying 600 cows for $5400 in 1867(history on...

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“ the Coming of the Railroads Was the Main Reason for the Growth of the Cattle Industry on the Plains in the Years 1865-85”

History “ The coming of the railroads was the main reason for the growth of the cattle industry on the Plains in the years 1865-85” The rail roads certainly did play a very important part in the growth of the cattle industry. It meant that it was a lot more convenient and less time consuming to transport cattle (obviously a very important part of the whole cattle trading business). It also provided more people with the opportunity to buy ‘base land’ (name given to land used as a ‘base to the...

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Cattle and Better Breeding Program

by making an incision over the testicle. Another argument PETA gives is about dehorning cattle. It can reduce the risk of hurting other animals as well as the owner and other employees. Dehorning will also decrease aggressiveness and make the animals easier to handle. It will require less space with no horns. PETA has said that cattle are only a few weeks old when they get dehorned. The reality is cattle are usually eight weeks old when they get dehorned. PETA also says that farms use searing hot...

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Sperm Sexing Cattle

Sperm Sexing In Cattle Sperm sexing is an area of bovine reproduction technology which is utilised to improve and increase farm productivity by taking advantage of the difference in the value of males and females in the dairy and beef industry. It is a useful and accurate application in which the desired X- or Y- bearing chromosome is sorted and stored in a straw for later use. Selection of the desired sex is a potential determining factor to increase the genetic progress and farmer profitability...

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Use of Soya Been by-Product to Enhance the Nutrient Status of Cattle Feed in Tropical Indian Condition

USE OF SOYA BEEN BY-PRODUCT TO ENHANCE THE NUTRIENT STATUS OF CATTLE FEED IN TROPICAL INDIAN CONDITION abstract introduction Large ruminants such as cattle continue to play an important role in the livestock production system in India. Indian cattle breeds are of smaller mature body size, grow at slower rate and produce a low quantity of milk as compared to the breeds found in temperate countries. However, the breeds are hardy, and well adapted to heat stress and poor quality diets, a situation...

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