Dairy Cattle Production

Topics: Milk, Cattle, Dairy farming Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Dairy Cattle Production is an important concept in the daily lives of many Americans. We consume more dairy products than any other product every year. The average American consumes 600.5 lbs of dairy products each year not including cheese. Cheese alone we consume around 31.5 lbs a year. Within the 600.5 lbs 181 lbs is milk beverages alone. There are around 60,000 dairy farms in the United States. Each herd containing about 135 cows. That means there are around 9 million dairy cows in the United States alone. However in the early 1900’s though there were around 25 million dairy cows. Over time the population has decreased due to new technology. In 2001 there was around 97,000 dairy cattle farms. In 2009 there were around 65,000 dairy farms. As you can see from 2001 to 2009 there was a 33 percent decline in dairy farms. Last year there were around 60,000 dairy farms. Which means every year there is around a 1,500 decline in dairy farms. With the huge amount of declines of dairy farms over the years many wonder why we aren’t running out of dairy products. Why aren’t many people concerned? Why haven’t we taken steps to increase the population? The answers are simple with the new technology we have today there’s no need for a larger population. Even with the decline of farms and cattle the milk production continues to increases. In 2001 the dairy industry produced 165,000 million pounds. In 2009 the dairy industry produced 189,000 million pounds. That’s a fifteen percent increase in milk production within 8 years.
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