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BASIC MEAT PROCESSING PRINCIPLES OF MEAT PRESERVATION Meat preservation is principally concerned with the application of measures to delay meat spoilage, which are caused by microbial, chemical and physical changes. Of these, microbial spoilage is most common. Microbes thrive in moisture and since meat is 70%-75% water, it spoils easily through microbial action. Meat, being rich source of nutrients, also becomes an excellent food for bacteria. Methods of meat preservation, however different from...

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Cultured meat

lines. What is Cultured Meat? Cultured meat is a meat produced in vitro, a cell culture, rather from the animal itself. According to several experiments, the cultured meat is essentially similar to natural meat. However, cultured meats are at most thin slices or strips, since creating a thick slab of meat such as a chunk of steak. In order to do that, one must vascularize the tissue in order to continuously supply nutrients. So, for now, the only possibility is ground meat. Some tests have proven...

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To Meat or Not to Meat

To Meat or Not To Meat William D Jordan DeVry University To Meat or Not To Meat It seems like the United States of America is quickly becoming a nation of dieters. Every day more people become increasingly cautious about what they eat. Magazine racks everywhere are full of how this celebrity lost weight, or some new secret dieting tip will give the reader the body of their dreams. Some of these methods, when looked into, just take old fads that have been tried in the past and put a new spin...

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Meat Industry

Meat Industry People all over the world eat meat for its nutritional value and taste. The United States Department of Agriculture reports that in the year 2011 people in the U.S consumed 25.6 billion pounds of beef. Most of this meat was produced in America. A Holistic approach to food production is important in order to improve the quality of beef. What we feed our cattle, the housing conditions and the slaughter procedure directly impacts our food. What the farmers feed cattle directly affects...

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Aging Meat

This research will present an analysis of traditional dry hanging method of meat and more recent wet hanging method. It will explain enzymatic activities on the meat before and after animal’s death and affects on the meat quality also, how those reactions assist flavour and tenderisation development process. It will look at hanging times for different animal carcasses and identify the reason why are not all meats hung for the same amount of time. The research will discus the cost, quality and...

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Meat Tenderizer

Title: Which type of meat will tenderize most using cola drinks? Aim: -To help Namibians use a cheaper, easier and always available type of meat tenderizer. Hypothesis: Beef will tenderize most. Background: In my research,”Phosphoric Acid”, the main ingredient of cola drinks, is assumed to be of high enough concentration to deteriorate a piece of meat. So in this experiment, I want to prove if cola drinks can tenderize meat and what type of meat can it tenderize most. Plan: The plan is to...

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Eating Meat

Eating Meat and The Treatment of Animals Eating animals is part of the daily life of billions of people all over the world. Every day, thousands of animals are killed for the production of food for people. We have been brought up eating meat and never questioned it. It is culturally accepted even though modern livestock and poultry production (factory farming) is cruel and gives animals no other purpose for existence except for human consumption. There are particular religions which prohibit eating...

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Meat Consumption

an effort to conserve our planet people drive hybrid cars, recycle, and use low energy light bulbs and appliances, which is great. However, most Americans are unaware and uninformed about how meat effects global warming, our health, and how much of our planet’s water and resources meat production consumes. Meat contributes to global warming, increases risk for cancer, causes heart disease and uses a tremendous amount of resources to produce, therefore people need to be informed about what they are...

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Meat Production

provide generic recommendations on how funding for extension and adoption programs to improve the productivity of the red meat industries across southern Australia can be used more effectively, through looking look at investments made past extensive and adoption programs. There has been an increasing international demand in protein which means that the future of the Australian red meat industries is bright (PWC). This is due to the increase in global population especially in developing countries such...

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Eating Meat

research, that meat industries are over-producing animal products, and in addition, are a major cause of environmental problems such as global warming and world hunger. Another good motive is the unimaginable cruelty these animals suffer, that represents torture one could never imagine for their own pets or peers. As importantly, being a vegetarian has numerous health benefits. Animal products contain bacteria and contaminants that have been shown to cause fatal illnesses. Cutting meat and animal by-products...

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