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  • To Meat or Not to Meat

    To Meat or Not To Meat William D Jordan DeVry University To Meat or Not To Meat It seems like the United States of America is quickly becoming a nation of dieters. Every day more people become increasingly cautious about what they eat. Magazine racks everywhere are full of how this celebrity lost weight‚ or some new secret dieting tip will give the reader the body of their dreams. Some of these methods‚ when looked into‚ just take old fads that have been tried in the past and put a new spin

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  • Meat or No Meat?

    Meat or no meat – that is the question. According to Socrates‚ “The best diet consists of bread‚ olive oil‚ cheese‚ fruit‚ vegetables and moderate amounts of wine‚” but in American society today eating meat is a large part of most diets. For the average person‚ changing their diet would be required to follow the wisdom of Socrates‚ and since change is always difficult‚ finding an adequate motivation to carry it out is critical. Although there is an ongoing debate whether or not the humans benefit

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  • Meat Glue

    Meat Glue 457 Words Matt Carlson Rather than eating the high-priced filet mignon they paid for‚ restaurant customers are running the risk of receiving a bacteria-ridden compilation of meat scraps put together using an edible food adhesive known as “meat glue.” Meat glue‚ or more scientifically named “transglutaminase‚” is an enzyme produced adhesive cooking substance made from animal blood. The glue has the ability to bond protein-containing foods together. Raw meats bound with TG are often

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  • Meat Tenderizer

    Title: Which type of meat will tenderize most using cola drinks? Aim: -To help Namibians use a cheaper‚ easier and always available type of meat tenderizer. Hypothesis: Beef will tenderize most. Background: In my research‚”Phosphoric Acid”‚ the main ingredient of cola drinks‚ is assumed to be of high enough concentration to deteriorate a piece of meat. So in this experiment‚ I want to prove if cola drinks can tenderize meat and what type of meat can it tenderize most. Plan: The plan is to

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  • eating meat

    some people say eating meat wrong . others say it’s natural . Human beings have been consuming meat as part of their diet for most of their existence and will likely continue this behavior until the last living animal is gone from the earth. However‚ public awareness of meat-associated health hazards‚ such as heart attacks‚ colon cancer‚ and fatal E. coli bacterial infections‚ has caused great concern and shifts in many people’s eating habits. The number of vegetarians has been growing worldwide

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  • Meat & Vegetarianism

    not eating meat one can substantially improve their health‚ the environment and animals. Many people do not realize that there are many different types of vegetarians. The most common type is the normal “vegetarian” who chooses not to consume meat or fish products. The other type is a vegan‚ vegans do not eat meat‚ fish‚ or any type of dairy foods. Finally there are the flexitarians which many people do not know about‚ flexitarians try to be on a non-meat diet‚ but occasionally eat meat at times

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  • Cultured meat

    generated one kind of cell‚ but later proven otherwise. New researches have found that adult stem cells are able to produce different kind of cells‚ as well. Like the embryonic stem cell‚ it grows in culture to establish stem cell lines. What is Cultured Meat?

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  • Meat Consumption

    an effort to conserve our planet people drive hybrid cars‚ recycle‚ and use low energy light bulbs and appliances‚ which is great. However‚ most Americans are unaware and uninformed about how meat effects global warming‚ our health‚ and how much of our planet’s water and resources meat production consumes. Meat contributes to global warming‚ increases risk for cancer‚ causes heart disease and uses a tremendous amount of resources to produce‚ therefore people need to be informed about what they are

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  • Meat Production

    provide generic recommendations on how funding for extension and adoption programs to improve the productivity of the red meat industries across southern Australia can be used more effectively‚ through looking look at investments made past extensive and adoption programs. There has been an increasing international demand in protein which means that the future of the Australian red meat industries is bright (PWC). This is due to the increase in global population especially in developing countries such

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  • Aging Meat

    This research will present an analysis of traditional dry hanging method of meat and more recent wet hanging method. It will explain enzymatic activities on the meat before and after animal’s death and affects on the meat quality also‚ how those reactions assist flavour and tenderisation development process. It will look at hanging times for different animal carcasses and identify the reason why are not all meats hung for the same amount of time. The research will discus the cost‚ quality and

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