Hospitality Industry Introduction - Oviet Restaurant Analysis

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Table of Content
| Table of Content| 1|
1. | Introduction of OViet Restaurant| 2|
2. | The layout of Oviet Restaurant a. The layout of Oviet Dining Area b. The layout of Oviet Kitchen Area| 224| 3. | The equipment in OViet restaurant a. In kitchen area b. In dining area| 556| 4. | Product and Specialties| 6|

5. | Organisation Chart a. Front of the house b. Back of the house| 101010| 6. | Types of Table Service| 11|
7. | Types of Cooking Methods| 12|
8. | Attractiveness and Competitive Advantages| 13|
9. | Area of Improvement| 14|
10. | Conclusion| 16|
11. | References| 17|
12. | Appendix and Photos| 17|

1. Introduction of OViet Restaurant
OViet Vietnamese Restaurant – a branch of Du Viet group, which is founded in 2002 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one of the wonderful specialty restaurants in the food, beverages and real life-style of Vietnam in Selangor state. With 10-year experience, Oviet assures the healthy and high quality Vietnamese food with warm and efficient service as well as comfortable ambiance to all customers. Especially, OViet is a “Halal” restaurant which can be easily accepted and consumed by most of Malaysians. Coming to Oviet, customers will wallow in the royal environment with the imperial food carefully prepared by the Hue ancient city’s chefs and enjoy the refined and unique food which is considered as one kind of Vietnamese legacies and heritages (Goh, 2011).

2. The layout of OViet restaurant
a. The layout of OViet Dining area
Oviet restaurant is covered by Vietnamese atmosphere. The layout of Dining area is arranged as “feng-shui” position which depends on the interrelation between “sky” factors and “land” ones (feng – wind, shui – water). The Dining area is divided into 3 main parts: Dinning space, counter space and bar space. Dining space includes general dining area where patrons can order and enjoy the food (The tables and chairs are disposed with the round shape in the center and square shape outside) and the private area which should be booked in advance. Bar space is located in the right-hand side beside the dining space. It offers non-alcoholic quenchers only. Counter space is a combination of cashier’s area, welcome counter and information counter which can give patrons the relevant information and suggestion for Vietnamese food.

b. The layout of OViet Kitchen area
Kitchen area is separated in 3 main parts: preparing and cooking area, storage area and sanitation area. The detailed information is shown on the table 1 below. Table 1. the kitchen area’s sectors in Oviet restaurant and particular functions No.| Area| Functions|

1. | Preparing and pre-cooking area| * Area for commis/appretices to wash/peel/cut… the ingredients. * chef de partie/demi CDP precook the food | 2. | Cooking area| Cooking the food and specialties by Chef de Cuisine | 3. | Storage area| * Storing and keeping chill the ingredients or prepared foods * Cutlery and crockery storages | 4. | Serving area| Finish cooking and require waiters/waitress to serve customers | 5. | Sanitation area| * Washing/ draining and polishing cutleries and crokeries area * Rubbish collecting |

3. The equipment in OViet restaurant
a. In the Kitchen area
Table 2. the equipment used in Oviet’s kitchen area
No.| Types of equipment| Equipment|
1. | Chopsticks| * Main chopsticks * Cooking chopsticks| 2. | Knives| * Utility knife * Boning knife * Filleting knife * Cleaver * Butcher knife * Sharpening steel/stone| 3. | Portioning and measuring devices| * Scales * Ladle| 4. | Cookware| * Pots * Pans/hot pans * Woks|

5. | Strainer and Sieves| * Chinois * Colander * Food mill| 6. | Processing equipment| * Slicer * Chopper * Blender/ Mixer| 7. | Heavy...

References: We would like to specially thank to Mr. Christine Goh – executive manager of OViet Restaurant for nice helps and useful information.
Concurrently, we would like to thank for Mr. Tung – supervisor and Ms. Chau – main chef of Vietnamese OViet restaurant for information.
1. Goh, C., Supporting students with OViet restaurant. Interviewed by Pham, X.Q. & Mbewe, Z., Sunway University, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. 1st November 2011.
2. Nguyen, T., Supporting student with Oviet dining area. Interviewed by Siswanto, S.E., Sunway University, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. 1st November 2011.
3. Tran, C., Supporting student with Oviet kitchen area. Interviewed by Wong, P.X., Sunway University, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. 1st November 2011.
4. DuViet group. 2011. Oviet at Sunway. Available at <> [accessed 4th October 2011].
5. DuViet group. 2011. Our speciality. Available at <> [accessed 4th October 2011].
12. Appendices
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