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Week 1 Evaluation Paper
Restaurants are a very huge industry and have the option of succeeding or failing depending on what and how they go about advertising and promoting their concepts. Moreover, restaurants have many critics that can affect their business as well. Everyone’s opinions on overall dining experience differ from one another. My best friend dined Bombay Chopsticks and didn’t have positive feedback. I wanted to go there as well for a long time, so my boyfriend and I went on a dinner date at Bombay Chopsticks. Bombay Chopsticks is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois and it is known for unique Indian dishes blended with Chinese seasoning. What I am going to discuss about this restaurant is the setting, cleanliness, and service of this dining experience to help you better understand what this restaurant has to offer to its many customers.

The setting of this restaurant was great. I was impressed by the second we parked our car. Good thing about parking at this restaurant is that there is a huge parking lot and it is free! I appreciate parking that is closer to the entrance because it is hassle free, especially if the weather is bad and for ladies in heels. Once we were inside the atmosphere was very cozy and romantic. This restaurant has incredible lighting and the tables are not close to other tables. I hate it when I can hear others conversations and they can hear mine. Having decent space between tables somewhat eliminates this and gives more privacy. However, the tables are a bit too small for groups. I actually noticed group of friends/couples seated together and it looked like they lacked room on the table. The table was long enough, but it seemed a bit narrow.

Dining at a clean restaurant is very important to a lot of people and this restaurant is one of them. Bombay Chopsticks shines at cleanliness. I didn’t find myself wiping seats and tables before sitting down. I have had bad experience with glassware at certain restaurants, but not...
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