Guidelines for a Good Resume

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Guidelines for a good resume

(Several common sense basics)

To start off, a good resume includes a clearly printed, resonably sized font, without bolded/italicized/colored letters.

Secondly, the resume should highlight your best skills and acomplishments, not just your most recent "jobs."

Next, a good resume usually includes a few good references w/local phone numbers(at the bottom of the resume). The resume should also include a distinctive format or lightly colored resume paper. The paper must be of good quality, prefferably acid free paper. No wrinkled sheets either!!

Make sure the contact information is up to date, including an email address if necessary. Old contact information will definitely cause callback problems.

Make sure to include skills that you are familiar with currently-- you never know, you may be tested on what you stated. This means if your a beginner with a software program(for example,Excel) then say so.

Resumes should include assertive words such as, Responsible for: .......... Assisted with: ........

When lisitng educational experience, make sure you exclude starting dates for programs. All an employer cares about is whether or not you earned a bachelor's, associate's, or just a h.s. diploma.

Most importantly, a good resume includes no spelling/gramatical errors. Who wants an employee with no English skills??

These guidelines will help improve your resume, but be aware that there are plenty of competitions in job markets, therefore there's always a better resume than yours.

If you apply these guidelines with style and creativity, your resume should be able to make "it's impression" with an employer immediately.

Create correctly and reasonably!!
Good Luck!!

Is it true that a good resume is hard to find?
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