• What is the purpose and role of a résumé?

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What is the purpose and role of a résumé?
I think the main purpose of a resume is to provide a company with an overview of your professional achievements and background. Your resume acts as a marketing document, whether on paper or online, and its purpose is to introduce you to potential employers, promote what it is you have to offer and entice them into wanting to know more. According to Lauri Harwood, “a resume is a brief document, typically one or two pages, that details your qualifications for a particular job or job target.” Describe each main section of a résumé from the textbook and what should be included in each of these sections: 1) Contact Information 2) Objective 3) Profile 4) Qualifications 5) Work Experience 6) Related Experience 7) Education Contact Information - The header of your résumé should include your name, address, phone number, and email address, if you regularly use it. When submitting a paper version of your résumé, it is visually appealing to use a large font for your name. Include both a local and permanent address and a phone number so that an employer can easily reach you. This is especially important for graduating students. “The objective is a concise statement of your immediate employment goal (not your long-term career goal). It is the first section of the resume, immediately below the contact information on the first page.” A job objective statement shows employers the direction you want to go, your work preferences, and serves as a focal point for employers to review and analyze your résumé. It allows employers to immediately identify the kind of position you want. If you are looking for jobs in a number of different fields, you need to have a different job objective for each position. The profile section is a brief statement that describes you by stating your most relevant experience and qualifications. “Use a profile instead of an objective on your master resume, if you can describe your qualifications with a job title...

References: Harwood, L. (2013). Your career: How to make it happen (8th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.
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