Good Boss vs Bad Boss

Topics: Employment, Difference, Understanding Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: March 7, 2013
What two objects, people, subjects, or concepts are you going to compare and/or contrast?Good Boss –vs.- Bad Boss

What are the similarities between the two objects, people, subjects, or concepts? List as many similarities that you can think of.
Some similarities between a good boos and a bad boss would be they both supervise employees, they both are leaders, they both make decisions, they both have responsibilities and they both have accountability. What are the differences between the two objects, people, subjects, or concepts? List as many differences that you can think of.

The differences between a good boss and a bad boss would be a good boss treats people with respect, develops ways to motivate, and encourages their staff when needed, demonstrates fair leadership, good listener, mentors, helps them pick up the slack when needed, understanding and recognizes their employees. A bad boss is quick to blame others, takes all of the credit for work, dumps work on employees rather than delegate, not trustworthy, poor role model, lack of follow through, lacks vision, and is not accountable for their actions. Are you going to focus on similarities, differences, or both? Explain your rationale. I am going to focus on differences because I feel this will show the reader characteristics of a good and bad boss despite their own personal opinion, they will understand the importance of demonstrating practical leadership skills.

What do you want your readers to learn and understand after reading your essay? What is the purpose of your essay?I want my readers to know that the perception of a good or bad boss depends on the employee being supervised. They should be aware of the differences and characteristics to look for as an employee.

What 3 parallel points of comparison and/or contrast will you address in your essay? For example, if you were going to compare and contrast two teachers, your parallel points might be teacher’s homework policy,...
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