Good Boss Vs Bad Boss Essay

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Everyone knows a boss is a person who directs employees to perform their duties in a proper way in order to achieve the major organizational goals. However, the word “boss” can have positive and negative characteristics. Any employee, who has had the experience of working with both good and bad bosses in the workplace, can easily characterize both. Both can have different effects on employees and their work environment. Despite bearing some minor similarities, noticing the differences between a good boss and a bad boss are distinguish by their characteristics.
A significant difference between the two types of bosses is whether they trust their employees to do their jobs. Good bosses give clear work direction and clarify performance expectations....

Effective bosses show consistency in their behavior and emotional stability. They have a friendly and approachable personality. They have a positive attitude and motivates their team to strive for the best. Employees will feel safe and comfortable in their workplace. In addition, this will not only assist the employee success, but the company as well. On the other hand, bad bosses demonstrate behavior that is unpredictable and is subject to emotional mood swings. As, Clinton O. Longenecker, in “Characteristics of Really Bad Bosses” explains it “Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde-like” behavior. Which is the optimum way to describe it. They have a negative and pessimistic attitude towards their employees. . It can “be a career-damaging experience” to employees (Longenecker 15). Which will cause them to feel uncomfortable and create a poor work environment.
In conclusion, a good boss and a bad boss well known by their characteristics and how they affect their employees. Employees how suffer from being mentally and emotionally drained are working for a bad boss. I would advise to come up with an exit strategy before it causes massive damage. A good boss is an ideal person to work for, which is everyone’s dream...
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