2.1 Assess Own Leadership Behaviours and Potential in the Context of a Particular Leadership Model and Own Organisation’s Working Practice and Culture Using Feedback from Others (State Your Findings Below) (28 Marks)

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* A correct and appropriate description is given of two or more issue that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations although the description may be limited and the links to workplace situations may be more understood than clear (criteria for a pass on this question)

2.1 Assess own leadership behaviours and potential in the situation of a particular leadership model and own organisation’s working practice and culture using feedback from others (State your findings below) (28 marks)

As a leader you think of someone who possesses a number of qualities, enthusiasm, good judgment, intelligent, a people person and a great speaker. Over the past few years working as a Team Leader and HR, I have unknowingly dealt with many staff, store and customer related problems. I believe it to be part of my daily routine within my job role.

My duty as a team leader or Duty Manager is to developed the sense of team work amongst staff and lead the team in my charge. I have to understand that staff observe me and how I handle myself. Knowing that they accept me as a trusted and approachable effective leader

In my opinion I believe that I behaviours for leadership that are self motivation, commitment and optimism. On a daily basis I conduct a staff Huddle/Briefing on sales and waste and any key information that they should be aware of that will affect the running of the store which involves communication and feedback from staff and me. I recognise skills/knowledge of individuals and assign roles and responsibilities according to strengths of staff I believe can complete the task in hand. One Thursday evening the office fridge alarm panel was sounding that HP12 meat fridge was over temp, meaning that this fridge is dropping in temperature. On investigation of the fridge on the shop floor, there is a large puddle of water coming from underneath the fridge. If we do not empty this fridge quickly we will lose all the stock...
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